Big Ben and Ashley were back last night to watch the Penguins win another one, and more than a few fans think the couple are the Pens’ lucky charms!

“Oh wow Ben, you are our lucky charm and Ashley can you two go to Nashville?” — Sandy Kirin.

“Bringing the Pens good luck again!! #LetsgoPens” — Eden Tropp.

Rusty McCall @58Rusty
@_BigBen7 What a great pic of Mrs. Ben.

“Can you two go to Nashville Sunday? Good luck charms!” — Cris Fusco.

“He’s the lucky charm!” — Valerie Ivkovich.

“Pretty sure we’re undefeated when they come to the game. Better be at the next home game (if necessary).” — Luke Riegel.

“The good luck couple right there!!!” — Candice Archer.

Scott Faldon‏ @ScottFaldon
@_BigBen7 Wearing the lucky fishing cap again.

“He seems to bring them good luck. Maybe he should take a trip to Nashville on Sunday.” — Fran Donatelli-Thornton.

“Great couple!” –– Linda Elliott.

“Maybe you and Ashley are the Pens good luck charm! Love the Pens but can’t wait til football. 🏈” — Lori Bordick.

DON‏ @don_tolerance
Put up the extra point for @_BigBen7

Ben wasn’t the only Steeler in attendance last night. Brett Keisel and the Offensive linemen were also in da house!

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