These aren’t just Lil’ Fans, they’re TINY Steelers Fans!!

“Hey!!! Did ya hear? The Steelers are 5-0!! Oh baby!!!” — Sebbie. (Photo: Mom Amanda)

“That’s right, I’m 7 weeks old…same number as my quarterback!! But I’m way cuter!! Sorry Big Ben!” — Harper. (Photo: Grandma Kathy)

Meanwhile, Ryan is quickly weighing his options at his Patriots lovin’ pediatrician’s office…

“So Mom told me my doctor is a Patriots fan…loves Coach Belichick?! Swell! Not sure how I’m feeling about gettin’ this physical or this shot now?! Putting my hoodie up is definitely a good move, but I AM NOT cutting off my sleeves!! Go Steelers!!” — Ryan Legend. (Photo: Mom Tanisha)

“Warm Steelers sweatsuit – check! Relaxing on a Steelers afghan – check! Steelers helmet for good luck – check! Comfy sofa in front of the TV – check! Remote control…wait, remote control? Dadddd?!!!!” — Grayson. (Photo: Dad Joe)

“Hey MOM!!!!! What channel is the Steelers game on??? Oh, and how about some yummy snacks? Here we go Steelers, here we go!!!” — Ella. (Photo: Mom Alyssa)

“Lucy is already enjoying Steelers Sunday with dad! She will definitely own a Ben jersey as soon as she can fit one!” — Dad Neil.

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