…have been pouring in from Steeler Nation the last few days for Ben & Ashley on the birth of their son, Benjamin Jr.

Below are just a few of the many messages received via email, the website’s Facebook page, and Twitter:

First huddle.

“Congrats to the Roethlisbergers!! He’s one proud papa and deserves every minute of it!!” — Deb Bernocco

“Welcome to the world Little Benjamin and welcome to the Best Club in the World Big Ben, The Dads Club!” — David LeBon

“Being a parent is THE best thing in the world. Good luck and Blessings!” — Tami B. Duda

“Congratulations from all of us here at Steeler Nation in Guam. God Bless you and your family!” — David Karl Taitano

“In 23 years, it will STILL be the same old Roethlisberger/Brady debate: Who is the better Ben at QB? Ben Roethlisberger Jr. or Ben Brady….I will take Jr. over Brady!” — Jackie Gerring, CA

“Ben, you and the Mrs., you’ve done good! Your son is just precious!! Congrats to you both and your new baby!!” — Michelle Catlett

“Scrambled out of the pocket and into the loving arms of mom and dad! Happy for ya!” — Mark Schneider

“Now your life really begins!” — Pat Hergert

“Daddy’s little backup.” — Joe Kovalcik

“Born a champion already, cant wait to see him in a STEELERS uniform in 22 yrs, like his father. Way to go Ben.” — Michael Zavala

“Please tell Ben that I said congrats and that I know how happy he is because I became a father 4 months ago and it’s the best felling in the world. I wish them both the best with their baby boy Ben Jr.!” — Mario A. Rodriguez, Chihuahua, Mexico

“Congratulations Big Ben and Ashley. Ben you will be a hero in the heart of this little guy for ever, he is the greatest gift God can give.” — Nancy Crissman

“Welcome to Steelers Nation ‘lil Ben! CONGRATULATIONS Ben & Ashley…he’s precious!” — Marci C. Lonsinger

“Such a handsome baby! The future Steelers quarterback of 2035 and beyond!!” — Marsha Leighty

“Hey little handsome man!! Welcome to our world!! So stinkin’ cute!!” — Julie Sheehan

“Congrats Ashley! Treasure you little blessing from the Lord. Hope you are doing well. May God bless your family.” — Jacque Hohmann

“Ben & Ashley, I wish you guys many blessings with your son, Ben Jr. He is going to be a great son, just like his daddy. Get well soon, Ben!” — Samantha Jones

“Hi Ben, Congratulations to your spouse and to you for receiving the biggest gift on of earth – a child! All the best for little Benjamin. I moved with my family from Switzerland, Grenchen (State of Solothurn) to York PA. Grenchen is only 30 min away from your Grandfathers origin Langenthal. I have the biggest respect for all your achievements in football and once again all the best wishes as a new father.” — Pete Kostic

“Future quarterback…like father like son! — Rich Mcadams

“Congrats to you both! What a precious little cutie! Best of luck, sleep when you can, and enjoy every moment! You’ll hear this a million times, but they really do grow up waaaayyyy too fast! Have fun!” — Lidija Oles

“He is handsome like his Daddy!” — Donna Bailey

“Glad he looks like his mom!” — Kathy Pope

“Looks like dad!” — Ginny Schnur

“He looks like his beautiful mother. Look at those bright eyes!” — Jim & Nancy Cator

“He looks liked his dad!!” – Kelly Rockwell

“It looks like he has Ashley’s eyes. Lucky little boy!” — MaryAnne Sansom

“He sure is a miniature Ben! — Karen Godino

“An adorable little guy!!!! How proud you two must be!! God bless your new family, Ben and Ashley!!” — Terrie McCall Waters,Butler, PA

“Congratulations, Ben! Children are a true blessing, and you have a beautiful boy there! You should be very proud. Good luck on your recovery, and while the Steelers need you, Little Ben and your wife come first and foremost! God bless you, bro.” — Ticco Robinson

“Isn’t he a cutie patutie!!” — Tricia Shields Prokop

“Congrats, I had my baby girl August 11th!! Future wife?? lol.” — Amanda Hammitt

“An obvious 1st Rounder!!!” — John Rupert

“Congrats on the birth of Lil’ Ben. Amazing isn’t it watching a life that you created enter the world. Greatest feeling ever. Best of luck to you and your wife Ashley. Hope you get better soon. We need you on the field!!” — Chrystal Corley

“Congratulations Ashley and Ben on your baby boy. I’m so happy for you.” — Pam Smeal

“We live in New Castle. We are, of course, huge Steelers fans. We were happy to hear Ben and Ashley were expecting a boy around the same time as us. My wife gave birth on Sunday evening, Nov. 18th, about 40 minutes before kickoff! We wrapped the baby in the Terrible Towel and sat down to watch our first Steeler game together. Wanted to tell Ben and Ashley congratulations. And, if they ever move back to Laurel, Ben Jr. will compete against Carter Smith on the field of play! God Bless the Roethlisbergers!” — Tom Smith

“Congrats!! México loves u!!” — Claudia Corona

“Ben, my family loves you very much! First, I want to say, God bless you and your family; your son is beautiful! Second, we wish you a speedy recovery, as the team NEEDS you, big buddy! God bless, hope to see you on the field soon!” — Melanie L Abbott

“Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Roethlisberger! He is beautiful! Welcome to the world Little Ben Jr.” — Melanie Wanner

“Ben, I waited and prevented fatherhood until I was 48. Best call you and I ever made! Good luck with the wing.” — Keith Galloway

“Congratulations Ben & Ashley on your new born son, Ben Jr. Wishing you both the best of health, Luck, happiness & prosperity. May God Bless you all and keep you safe. Hope you are doing well, Big Ben. The Steeler Nation needs you back. Get well soon.” — Anthony D. Angulo

“I want to just say those pics are absolutely precious to see! And so humbled that Ben and Ashley posted their pics for all of us!! Ben Jr. is absolutely beautiful!! Want to congratulate Ben and Ashley on their new lil’ bundle of joy!! Enjoy every moment and you are truly blessed!!” — Allison Kielar-Householder

*Thank you to everyone who sent messages of congratulations! They were deeply appreciated!

You can see the announcement and first photo of Benjamin Jr. here.

You can see the surprise message and photo for the new dad here.