“Coming back and knowing that I would have Ben back for one more year. I’m going to take my chance and play with Ben…with me, it was staying home, staying loyal. We have a new OC, Ben’s coming back. My relationship with my wide receiver’s coach, Ike Hilliard, is amazing. So you can’t beat that!

“He called me multiple times. We exchanged texts. You know [he’d say] pretty much like, ‘Hey man, whatever you do, before you sign it, call me, let me know.’ And I always told him before I signed anywhere, do anything, I would call him and let him know. And multiple times I would call him and say, ‘Hey Ben, this is what I’m thinking, this is the best option for me’. And we talked about it – we weighed the pros & cons of both sides, and obviously being home with the Steelers is the best. It’s ideal for me. Having Ben back healthy, having me back healthy and just having the team that we have.”— JuJu on Ben, during his recent interview on Michael Irvin’s podcast.