On this Thanksgiving Holiday, we have two fan stories to share with Steeler Nation:


My wife Teri, my son Chad, and I met Ben while we were shopping at the Apple Store at Ross Park Mall. When Chad saw him in the store he was so excited that he wanted to go up to him and say, “Hi!”. He has been a BIG fan of Ben since he started playing with the Steelers. Ben was so gracious, and took time to not only say “Hi”, but to pose for a picture with Chad.

Thank you to Ben! He didn’t just make Chad’s day – he made his year! He was telling everyone that he saw all day today that he met “#7 Big Ben”! You just never know who your going to meet when your out and about in the Pittsburgh area.” — Bob Lewandowski.


I came in from Dallas/Norman, OK for the OU vs West VA game and then on to Cleveland to watch the Steelers vs Browns game last Sunday.

My buddy Mark – a local and a ‘burgh lifer – and I went to Hyde Park Steakhouse Friday night. We were seated in one of just a couple of tables in the back portion of the restaurant. Well, half-way thru our meal, Ben and his wife and some friends came in and sat at the table right next to us.

We chatted him up briefly about Norman, and his sister’s participation in basketball and volleyball there. He was extremely nice and gracious.

Later in the evening, I asked for a picture and he could not have been nicer. I never like to be that guy, but given I don’t get to the ‘burgh that often, I had to ask for the picture. Ben could not have been nicer and was happy to pose with me. We wished him well and told him we would see him Sunday in Cleveland. Thank you Ben!! — Matthew P. Sallusti.

Wishing everyone a very safe & Happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend!!