Lynn Case asked us to share her beautiful email with the rest of Steelers Nation:

I received a package from the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club today and I wanted to try to express my gratitude, I still have tears. There was an autographed Ben jersey in it which I will cherish and treasure.

I have stage 4 ovarian cancer and the Steelers bring me so much joy on my couch days. I have been a fan since I was 10 years old, and Ben has been my favorite since he entered the NFL.

I have never been to a game, but I don’t miss them via watching or listening. I live in Fremont, Ohio, so it varies.

I just had new cancer bracelets made and I chose Steelers colors, not my teal color of my cancer, because this team means so much to me!

My oncologist is moving from Cleveland Clinic to Magee Women’s Hospital at UPMC, so I am hoping I will at least get to see the stadium now, I have never been to Pittsburgh.

Please know my appreciation and gratitude from my heart and I just wish I could let Ben know what an inspiration he is to me, and I am praying for God’s blessings to keep him and our team undefeated and safe and healthy this year, just for Ben, and me.

THANK YOU and please know how much difference these things can make in a life of someone who has a lot of rough and dark days.

GO STEELERS! GO Big Ben!!!!! #7foralways

Sincere appreciation from my heart,

Lynn Case

Lynn, it was our sincere pleasure to post your email. Please know that we are praying for you and YOU are the inspiration!! #CRUCIALCATCH