…and we’re through!!

We do a lot of quarterback drills, some receiver drills, and a little bit of running back stuff, but mostly just catching and throwing.

Roethlisberger says a more important lesson to teach, though, is sportsmanship.

“Just a second ago, I was throwing passes and a kid dropped it and one of his teammates said, ‘It’s OK, you’ll get the next one,’” he said. “So to hear that kind of stuff already is just great.” — From KDKA today.

It was all about fun & teamwork!


Kimberly Capitano ‏@kimr086
Ben Rothlisberger’s camp is amazing. The kids are really enjoying it. @SunnyDelight
@_BigBen7 and @ProCamps

Kendall Hicks II ‏@TeamHicks37
It was a dream for some of these kids to get a pass from Ben!

Michelle ohara ‏@LmsoharaOhara
Our first time at Ben camp! Kids loving it! @SunnyDelight @_BigBen7 and @ProCamps

Andrew ‏@beileberbecks
@sunnyd @_BigBen7 @ProCamps 1400 miles to get here!! Memories priceless!

Mark ‏@geddyvedder
@_BigBen7 @ProCamps @SunnyDelight we’ll be back every year. Ian Bennett loves this camp.

Happy Father’s & Grandfather’s Day!!


Dayna K ‏@Daynakalinowsk1
@_BigBen7 @SunnyDelight @ProCamps Happy Father’s Day! Best Father’s Day ever watching my son havin a blast on the field with Ben and all the kids!

Emma Lady ‏@lady4_emma
Loved watching Ben Roethlisberger Jr., all the dads, and kids performing in the SmokeHouse Race.

J A ‏@johnnyislegend
@_BigBen7 @ProCamps @SunnyDelight what a way to spend Father’s Day. Watching you child do what they love. Thanks for the memories!

Steel Dad ‏@SteelDad
I’m away from my kids on this Father’s Day but they gave me a pass! Thanks to @ProCamps for a great opportunity today at @_BigBen7 FB Camp!

Jim Budzilek ‏@JimBudzilek
@_BigBen7 @ProCamps @SunnyDelight Just met Big Ben!! The pulled hamstring was worth it for meeting him and running for my son!

At the end of two tough days, EVERYBODY was a winner!!!


lisa lup ‏@lisalup
Promoting teamwork, good sportsmanship and having tremendous amounts of fun! @SunnyDelight, @_BigBen7 @ProCamps

Joshua Dyer ‏@jdyer61
This is a awesome camp. Big Ben is more than fair with each kids. Awesome @SunnyDelight @_BigBen7 @ProCamps

Lupita ‏@Lupita74835954
@sunnydelight @_BigBen7 @ProCamps Many kids are having a wonderful time learning basic football thanks to Ben encouragement. Great event.

Terry Elliott ‏@stratmajik
What a great day and a great time @_BigBen7 football camp. CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY!! @ProCamps

Dave Dolan ‏@dave_alive
@_BigBen7 another beautiful day for camp with @SunnyDelight at @ProCamps in Pgh. Giving the kids something to talk about till next year!

And Ben’s website was definitely a winner, thanks to all the photos that were sent our way via Twitter!! You can check out a great collection (7 pages worth) right here.

But don’t forget to stop back by later this week! Photographer Vince Rush is going to share his collection with us, and we’re sure as camp parents & grandparents get back home, they’ll have thoughts on the camp & more photos to share too!