From Ben’s radio show this morning on 93.7 The Fan:

cyfdqhpuqaaihfdThe team is coming off a 28-7 Thanksgiving Day victory over the Indianapolis Colts, which brought another Antonio Brown celebration penalty.

Ben was asked about Brown’s latest antics and if anyone on the team has talked to him about it.

“Yeah, we did,” Ben said. “He knows, we all know, Coach Tomlin brought it up yesterday, that is a huge penalty that we can’t do. We put our kick coverage team in a bad situation and we can’t have it, and AB knows that.”

Ben also thinks that the league pays special attention to Brown now because of his reputation and are more likely to flag him when they’re playing on a bigger stage.

“I know for a fact that he’s scored touchdowns in one o’clock games that aren’t the big prime time games and they haven’t flagged him,” he said.

Moving on past the Colts victory, Ben talked about the three days off the team had and what it’s like having that luxury.

“It’s nice to have that family time to almost have a mini-second bye,” Ben said. “It makes you feel rested, it makes you get more healed up for this stretch run that is when you have to play your best football. I really think it will benefit us.”

The win over the Colts marks the second straight victory for the Steelers after a four-game losing streak. However, there are some that still aren’t sold on the Steelers because of their opponents in those games – the Colts and Browns. Ben discussed the detractors and what he would say to anyone levying this criticism against the team.

“I would say this, I would say they were both on the road, which any time you can win a game on the road is huge and I would say remember back a couple of weeks when we’d go on the road and we’d lose a game to a team that we were supposed to win and everyone is up in arms and no one can sleep at night because we lost a game we were supposed to win. Well, we won the games we were supposed to win, so they should feel good about that,” he said.

You can listen to Ben’s show here.