for the ProCamps Ben Roethlisberger Youth Fantasy Experience Camp!

And it looks like we had a 5 STAR event today:​

Chris Jones‏ @cjjonesz
Beautiful day for football. Thanks for sharing your Father’s Day with us @_BigBen7!

Beth Taylor Mack‏ @BethTaylorMack
Enjoying his time with @_BigBen7 @ProCamps! Great #Experience for all of the kids!

David G. Tumbas‏ @dgt_412
Great day @_BigBen7 @ProCamps youth football camp @UPMCSportsMed. Rehydrate! Happy Father’s Day

lisa latwinski‏ @Lisalatwinski
#Experience @_BigBen7 BigBen7 @ProCamps thank you all the coaches and staff! What a great day!

Brandon Haydt‏ @B_Haydt
Big Ben even takes time out to be a medic. Best QB in the league. @_BigBen7 @ProCamps @sunnydelight

David G. Tumbas‏ @dgt_412
Campers are from several states including AR, CO, CT and MD. Here’s a Steelers fan from Arkansas @_BigBen7 @UPMCSportsMed @ProCamps

Sandra Schmuff‏ @gmomschmuff
All the way from Orlando FL. @_BigBen7 @ProCamps #Experience well worth the trip. 2nd year of fun. Go Nathan Schmuff

Brooke Bestor‏ @BrookeBestor
Carley rode 9 hours just to meet Ben Jr!! #experience @_BigBen7 @ProCamps

3‏ @_BigBen7
Time for the @ProCamps #SmokehouseRace! On your mark, get set….GO!! #BenRoethlisberger football #experience

Heather‏ @Travelin_Family
Running drills. @ProCamps @_BigBen7 @sunnydelight He’s having a blast!!

Laura Zinsner‏ @rlzins02
Logan is having a blast at camp @_BigBen7 @ProCamps #Experience

ProCamps @ProCamps‏ @_BigBen7
And now it’s time for the @ProCamps Dads #SmokehouseRace! #BenRoethlisberger football #experience #HappyFathersDay

Jim Budzilek‏ @JimBudzilek
Replying to @_BigBen7 @ProCamps
I am staying out of it this year!!

ProCamps @ProCamps
Thanks to the campers who brought donations for the Kraft Heinz Company Foundation “Fight Hunger with a Pro” at the @_BigBen7 ProCamp

steven glancey‏ @steven_glancey
@_BigBen7 Great day playing football and helping fight hunger with big ben

Jason Camilletti‏ @jasoncamilletti
@_BigBen7, @ProCamps, #Experience Kudos to #7, the Rooneys, and @ProCamps for another great camp!! #’Merica

Teresa Varley‏ @Teresa_Varley
It’s not just about football, it’s about giving back to food bank @_BigBen7 Pro Camp: ‘This is my city. I love this town.’

Now these were just a few of the reviews from Twitter! We’re going to wait for parents & kids to get back home (some traveled far!) and post more photos and thoughts on this year’s camp later in the week!

Thank you to everyone who attended and took the time to share with us!