From Steeler Nation….

I just wanted to say congratulations to Ben and his bride Ashley. May you both have a long and happy life together and have lots of babies. God Bless you both. — Debi Mackey

Just wanted to say we saw the picture of Ben and Ashley on the website and wanted to tell them they make a very lovely couple. Best of wishes for a happy marriage. — The Rodriguez family

Ben and Ashley: A marriage can be a love affair…a friendship…a journey….a partnership. And the family it creates will be the best part of your lives. “This Day I Will Marry My Friend, Whom I laugh With, Cry With, Live For, Love”. I wish all of that and more for the two of you as you are beginning your life together. Best wishes, be happy! — Jan Banko, Nescopeck PA

Ben and Ashley, I wish you both the best throughout your lives together. I hope its full of happiness and joy. I couldn’t be any happier for the both of you. — Kayla Levers, Akron Ohio

Congratulations Ben and Ashley on your marriage. May God bless you and guide you through life’s road together, may the love that you two share grow deeper every day. — Love, Billie Jo and Greg Yakubik, Pittsburgh, PA

Ben and Ashley, CONGRATULATIONS to you on your marriage. I wish for you a lifetime of love and happiness. Your rehearsal dinner and wedding pictures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them with the public. You make a beautiful couple, and your smiles are contagious! God bless you. — Karen, Wheeling, WV

Congratulations to Ben and Ashley on their marriage!! What a beautiful bride! Beautiful dress! Lovely couple! May our Father in Heaven bless your marriage and give you a long and happy life together! — Regards, Anita Doddroe, Canal Winchester, OH

Just wanted to wish Ben and Ashley the best of luck and happiness!! Go Steelers!! Can’t wait for the season!! — J.P. Grey, Duryea, PA

Ben and Ashley, “Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.” ~ Tom Mullen. Here is to a wonderful life together and many many blessing in your life together. — Jackie

My warmest regards and best wishes to you both for a very long and happy life together. God bless you both. — Sincerely, Cindy Colantuono, Daphne, Alabama

Congrats and best wishes Ben! — GARY LARRABEE, Rockford, IL

Congrats and best of luck to both of you! Yesterday was my birthday, and the fact that it happened on that day, made my birthday!!!!! — Suzanne W., Johnstown, NY

Ben & Ashley, I wish you happiness and joy. Hope you have a beautiful life together.. My niece and her husband, Missy and Luke Nagel were at your wedding. — Alexis Baird, Harrison City, PA

May the two of you continue your journey together with love, laughter, and always, with patience and kindness. Best wishes for a beautiful lifetime – two joined as one. — Amy McKelvey, Kittanning, PA

Congrats Big Ben and Ashley! Wishing you all the best! — Roni, New Florence, PA

Congratulations and best wishes to Ben and Ashley for a long and happy marriage. Ashley ~ welcome to the Steeler Nation family! — Shea, Cassie, Jared and Alexandra Pembleton, Greensburg, PA

Congrats Ben & Ashley! — Pete Katy, TX

I’m so happy for you! Congratulations Ben and Ashley!! — Amanda, Fairmount City, PA

Congratulations Ben & Ashley! — Jamie Cox or Pittsburgh PA.

Congrats Ashley and Ben! — From Jennifer Price @ LPG in Loretto, PA

Congratulations! Best wishes to to the both of you! Go Steelers! — Aaron Lowe, Washington, DC

Congratulations Ben and Ashley! I am truly happy for both of you. I wish you both a life full of happiness. — Lexi, Pittsburgh, PA

Ben & Ashley- Congratulations!!! I wish you both all the love, laughter, and happiness in life throughout your new journey together. Best of luck, and you both looked stunning and handsome on your wedding day. May you always cherish each and everyday together, and forever. I’m very happy for you and your families! Enjoy your new life together and have fun! God Bless! — Misty Hancock, Maryland

Best Wishes to Ben and Ashley for many years of happiness. — Betty Hazlett, Beaver Falls, PA

Now that the big day is over, take time to sit and remember special conversations and moments from the day. It went by so fast, with so many family and friends wanting your special attention, that things will get forgotten over time, or one of you might have seen or been told something that would be special to the other.

Welcome to the Steeler family Ashley, and know that there are many many of us fans and friends around the world who admire your husband for the great quarterback that he has become. Enjoy your lives together, and make decisions based on what is the best for the two of you. Your photos are beautiful, as was the reception site. Congratulations! — Donna Schra, born in Sewickley, PA and now a resident of Merritt Island FL

Congratulations Ben And Ashley. Wish you many happy years. — Cassie Moore, from Pittsburgh but I live in Orange Park, Florida… GO STEELERS

Ben and Ashley: Congratulations. I pray for many years of happiness for you and your family. — Blessings, Katherine Boehme, Pittsburgh

Ben and Ashley: Much love and best wishes for a long and happy marriage!! Congratulations! — Becky Betar, Steeler fan from Altoona, PA

Congratulations on your wedding and may God bless you both with many happy years together. –The Berry’s, Phoenix, AZ

I’m so happy for Ben and Ashley. She seems like a great girl, and Ben has stated his year of growth on and off the field has been in large part thanks to her. If just dating each other can push him to a Superbowl, imagine what he can accomplish now that they’re married! Big Ben is one of the greatest football players of all time, and he deserves to be happy off the field as well! I know she’ll help him continue to strive for excellence, and he’ll make fantastic husband! They look so adorable in their wedding pictures; I hope we can see more soon! Here’s giving them both Best Wishes and Congratulations for a long and happy life together! — Megan, Albany, NY

Congratulations Ben & Ashley! Wishing you many, many years of happiness and long life together. — Alan, Tonda, Sarah Margaret & Emily, Spartanburg, South Carolina

I wish you both, Ben & Ashley a lifetime of love & happiness. God Bless…..Go Steelers — David Sandoval, Phoenix, Arizona

Hope you guys have a marriage like ours and filled with many years together. — Bruce & Charity Steeves, Moncton, NB Canada

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Roethlisberger!! I wish nothing but the best for you both! — Tyler Dealbertis

Thank you so much for sharing your wedding pictures instead of making us buy magazines to see them. Congrats and best wishes to you. My husband and I have been married for almost 19 years and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I hope you find that long lasting happiness too! — Michelle Forsman

Best wishes from the Landman family in Penn Hills! LIVE ~ LAUGH ~ LOVE — Bill, Renee, and Dillon Landman

Congrats! you guys look so happy together! best wishes. — The Bryant family, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dear Ben & Ashley, my the Light, Love and Beauty of your first day together be with you all your days – God Bless! — Teri – North Huntingdon, PA

Dear Ben & Ashley, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and Congratulations to both of you on your marriage. Your Wedding Pictures are Gorgeous and you both look so Happy and Radiant. May God Bless You Both! — Sincerely, Laura Leigh McGuirk, Adamsville, Alabama

Congratulations Ben and Ashley on your marriage. May God blessed you with many years together with love and happiness. — Best wishes- Renee S., Niles, OH

Dear Ben & Ashley, may the Light, Love and Beauty of your first day together be with you all your days – God Bless. — Teri, North Huntingdon, PA

I would like to send best wishes and many congratulations to Ben and Ashley. I hope they live a long and happy life together. — Jessica, Ohio

Congrats Ben and Ashley! — McCoy White, Emporia, VA

Congrats to Ben and Ashley,
Ben, thank God you have grown up and are going to settle down with this beautiful lady. May God bless you both and live happy ever after…and Win # 7! — Bev Haggerty, Rockville, MD

Just wanted to say congratulations to Ben and Ashley! You both look so happy! Very happy for you! Again, Congrats! — Love ya, Jamie Walls, Tyrone, PA

Congratulations! I’m so happy for you Ben. Both of you are amazingly beautiful – the wedding, the ballroom, the dress, everything! I love those pictures too, I’m so excited, very happy! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day..I wish you best and you both will live in peace and God bless you!! — Love, Lina

I wish both of you a very happy life. You both look very happy in the wedding pictures. Thank you for allowing us to see them. Please continue to keep the love in your hearts.

From a Pittsburger who had to move (job) 40 years ago but we are still and will always be Pittsburgh Steeler fans, and Pirate and Penguins too. You would be pleased to know that in the small town where I live there are many many Steeler fans. One man even has the Steeler logo painted on his garage door. Be happy! — Carol Goldbach, Hemet, California

We would like to congratulate Mr & Mrs. Ben Roethlisberger on their wedding. May you both have a long and wonderful and happy life together and be blessed with beautiful and healthy children — John, Melissa , Jake , Mia , Johnny & Jax Galati ….YOUR BIGGEST FANS!

And from a die-hard New York Jets fan:

Congratulations to you both! Wishing you years of happiness and undying love! — Debby Di Donato Sorrick, CA

Thank you to everyone that took the time to send these beautiful messages!

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