We have lots of Lil’ Fans, a few Lil’ Teammates, with a lot of love for #43, some big Steelers fans and families (including a special tribute to one fan), and even another Steelers pet added to the photo gallery today!

Little #7 fans:

That’s Tenalee Schumacher on the left, and Kenzie Roskovich on the right! Oh, and that’s “Snoop” in the middle getting some love!

“Tenalee was born during the Season Opener 2 years ago, and Kenzie was born during the Browns game (on 1/3) of the same season! Cousins who were literally born Steelers fans!” — Chad Roskovich

Big #7 fans, all in a row:

“Left to right in the photo is my fiancee, Kristin Nugent, followed by Mike Durcho, Jason Keim, and me…and of course our dog Daisy. This photo was taken the opening game of the season against Denver. We were doin’ a little pre-gaming when we all noticed we had ‘Ben’ jerseys on, and each one was different. We had Ben’s Away, Throwback, Real Tree, and his college jersey. Of course we’re all life-long Steeler fans from Johnstown, PA and we’re all huge Ben fans.

“For myself, I’ve been waiting what seems like my whole life for a quarterback as good as Big Ben. His toughness, leadership, and all around ability to lead the Steelers to victory is what makes Ben an easy favorite. Everyone in this photo says the same thing, when Ben is at the helm, it seem like we can’t lose. We know as long as he’s in the game, the Steelers got a shot to win. We are all proud members of Steeler nation, and proud fans of Ben Roethlisberger. “— Chris Voytko

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Also Today:

A Shout Out to this lovely lady, Ruth Harrell.

Ruth has just learned she has breast cancer.

Her daughter, Shineque Moore says, “My mom is my best friend she has worked all her life, and took care of her parents for over 20 years until they both pass away.

“My mom has never been sick until now, at the age of 65-years old.”

Steeler Nation, please keep Mrs. Harrell is your thoughts and prayers as she takes on this battle with breast cancer!