The Regios de Acero Steelers, proud fan club of Steelers México, wants Ben to know that not only do they have his jersey on…but they “have his back” as well!

Los Steelers México deseamos que sepas que te brindamos todo nuestro apoyo y con orgullo llevamos puesta tu playera.

“Ben, everybody here in Monterrey, Mexico – The Regios de Acero Steelers fan club wish you and the team good luck for the 2013 season.” — Roger Saucedo, Regios de Acero Steelers

Los fans de los Steelers en México llevan la camisa de Ben con orgullo, dedicación y pasión.

“This season, my friends and I will make the trip to the home of the Steelers – Heinz Field in December for the game against the Bengals!” — Roger

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