From Ben’s radio show this morning on 93.7 The Fan:

111516Ben addressed the talk out there that he was calling out specific players or coaches for the lack of discipline.

“I never specifically said coaches, I never specifically said players, I said ‘players and coaches’…It’s a generalization that you see undisciplined things. You watch the film yesterday and you see undisciplined play, undisciplined actions in plays.”

How does that get fixed? Ben says he knows how.

“It’s tough, it has to come from within and it has to come from coaches. We have to be able to hold ourselves accountable and hold each other accountable. I’ve said that before on this show and I’ve said it in the locker room before, it’s the guys. You point the thumb at yourself, you don’t point the finger. So everyone needs to just take a look at themselves, myself included.”

There was a report from the NFL Network that Ben had a private meeting with Mike Tomlin last week to help demand more urgency and exactness from the team and Ben said there was too much made of his sit down with the head coach.

“It always amazes me how the NFL Network, like do they bug everything? Do they assume they know everything?” Ben said. “I always wonder where they get this information. Being the quarterback and being a veteran and leader on this team, Coach Tomlin and I have talked multiple times a week. There’s probably never a week that goes by where we don’t have a behind closed-door talk…so when they make this a big drama, like we went in and shut the door and hashed things out or whatever it is, it’s completely false. I shouldn’t say that, it’s true in the sense that we went in and sat down, but we do that every week anyway.”

You can read more and listen to audio from his show here.

Also Today: What did the Cowboys’ think of that fake spike?

From D. Davidson at The Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

fakespikeBen Roethlisberger caught the Dallas Cowboys off guard. At least in DeMarcus Lawrence’s mind.

Roethlisberger found his inner Dan Marino late in Sunday’s game, faking a spike and lofting a perfect pass to Antonio Brown for a 15-yard touchdown. At the time, it appeared that may seal the game for the Steelers, but the Cowboys rallied in the final 42 seconds to pull off the stunning victory.

But that Roethlisberger play had everyone talking afterward.

“He [messed] us up on that,” Lawrence said. “I ain’t going to lie. He got us. He got us good, but I mean it was part of our win.”

The secondary players, though, have a different take on it.

Cowboys reserve cornerback Leon McFadden, playing in place of Orlando Scandrick, had tight coverage on Brown, but not enough to prevent the touchdown.

“I’m not surprised by it. I was looking at him,” cornerback Brandon Carr said. “I was ready on my side. They have incredible chemistry. They’re aggressive. They’re two of the best to do it in this game right now and, at that time, you’ve got to be prepared, be ready at all times, never fall asleep with guys like that.”

Added safety Byron Jones: “Big Ben has some tricks up his sleeve, so when I was playing man coverage I knew he wasn’t just going to spike it and let it go like that. It was a ball play. [McFadden] played good defense, they just made a good throw and a good catch.”

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett agreed that McFadden had good defense, but the defensive line didn’t get any sort of pressure on Roethlisberger and were left standing around in disbelief.