“The mindset is exactly what it’s been the last couple of weeks: let’s get one win. It’s desperation, but it’s still staying focused and giving it everything we’ve got. There’s no reason to quit. We’re going to play until the final whistle no matter what.” — Ben, on the team’s focus this weekend.

“I watch quarterbacks all the time, and I was one of the people that said last year, ‘Listen let’s not jump on the rookie bandwagons too early because it’s only one year, and the media hypes it up.’ I took some flak for that. Then this year, people are coming up to me saying, ‘Boy you sure were right about some of these quarterbacks.’ But I thought that Russell Wilson…there is something about him – the way he plays the game – he’s not just an athlete running around. He’s a good pocket passer, he can make plays with his legs, and is obviously a very smart player. From what I hear he is a great teammate and leader. I’m really impressed with the way he plays the game and I’m a fan. I root for him!” — When asked whether he watches the play of the young quarterbacks, and Russell Wilson in particular.

Ben was on the air this morning on 93.7 The Fan with Vinnie & Cook for his weekly #1 Cochran Ben Roethlisberger Show:

Roethlisberger weighs in on head coach Mike Tomlin’s sideline wandering in Baltimore, saying, “I don’t think it was intentional. I was watching the JumboTron too because that gives you better views. There are certain times during the game I would rather watch that because usually it’s an end-zone view and you can see things better. I know what he’s talking about when he says he gets caught up watching that.”

On Sunday, the Steelers will face the Miami Dolphins and former Steeler receiver Mike Wallace.

“I have talked to Mike,” Ben says of his former teammate. “He gets frustrated because he wants to make plays and he wants to help his team. Mike was a great teammate. I know that some of the fans and the perception was out there, and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. As a friend, he was a great guy. We miss him, not just as a playmaker, but also as a teammate and a friend.”

Roethlisberger also admits that the Steelers perhaps should have used the no-huddle offense earlier in the game against the Ravens, gives kudos to Emmanuel Sanders and Le’Veon Bell, and outlines his goals for the final quarter of the season.

For those thoughts, listen to the entire interview at the bottom of this page!

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