Ben was on the air in his regular time slot this morning at 11:00 AM as part of 93.7 The Fan’s Vinnie & Cook Show.

Some of the highlights:

On Sunday’s win against the Jets –

It really felt good. Hopefully, the winning is contagious. Hopefully, the attitude carries over. Right now, we’re not sitting here thinking about the win on Sunday. Right now, we’re moving forward.

On playing the Ravens this Sunday –

I’m going in on Monday, I started getting some early prep in, and not seeing #20’s name up on the board in the secondary, and not seeing #52, but they still have some guys. They still have Suggs, I always look forward to playing Suggs – I know it sounds crazy cause he’s one of the best. He hits hard and does some very good things on defense. I enjoy playing the best and competitors like that.

On playing the Ravens over the years –

It’s always a physical game, it’s tough. It’s just as taxing mentally as it is physically. After the game your body feels like it’s been through a hundred car wrecks, or train wrecks…After these games, win or lose, you just sit down and take a deep sigh. Your mind feels relaxed.

His thoughts on the Houston Texans fans who cheered when Matt Schaub was injured –

It’s truly, truly unfortunate. Booing when somebody gets hurt, it was just sickening. It’s just so hard to understand, especially your home crowd. I remember when Rashard [Mendenhall] got hurt in Cleveland, we heard some cheers. To me, that’s kind of the same philosophy.

When people were showing up at [Shaub’s] house to do negative things, that’s cause for some action from the player. That’s your family. When we’re on that field and we’re in that stadium you can boo, you can yell at us but when we step outside we’re human beings just like everybody else. We’ve got feelings, we’ve got family.

I think in that situation you just have to approach it like, ‘You know what, I’m going to play for my teammates, my brothers, my coaches’ and on his mind he has to sit there and say it wasn’t every fan. He has to take the mindset that there’s still a bunch of fans out there that are rooting for me, supporting me and that would be the mindset I would encourage him to go out there with.

Ben also talks about fatherhood and looking forward to baby #2; more on the Ravens, including his best and worst moments facing them over the years; the acrobatic moves of Emmanuel Sanders in the endzone; a key play called by Todd Haley; AND gives us the Pittsburgh weather update for Wednesday.

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