Ben, this one is just for you – messages from Steeler Nation & even a few fans of rival teams – along with images, emails, Facebook posts & tweets (Because there was no way I was going to forward all of these to you! I just wish I could have posted all of them, but I’m sure your website would have crashed!):

“Ben, despite the outcome of Sunday’s game, I’m a loyal Pittsburgh Steelers fan win, lose, or draw. I’m thankful each year for all the hard work and dedication you and the rest of the team put in. We might have fallen short of winning the Super Bowl but this has been like no other season. I look forward to being back at Heinz Field cheering on with the rest of Steelers Nation. Hope you and the entire family stay safe and well during the off-season.” — David K.

Karl Pettit @karlpettit
@_BigBen7 We, the fans, have no idea what you’re going through. What you showed in the second half in heart, drive & leadership was on full display. Your love for the game & your team showed! And I appreciate that. I hope for 1 more year & back YOUR choice. God bless you, sir.

Adam @Vaelyx_
@_BigBen7 Always my QB.

“So sorry for your sadness at the last game. You are a good man and a great athlete. I am a Ravens fan but your sadness touched me. Feel Better. God Bless you!” — Sallie Dicus.

Jay Cee @JDHatcher2
@_BigBen7 Steeler Nation is a special group-supporting their team unconditionally. We’re everywhere. We got your back, Ben. Always will. You have unfinished NFL business. You have more fish to fry. See you next year & all the best to you & your family.

“You can’t see Ben’s signature on the mini helmet but that’s my favorite piece. I don’t know what it is about him but he is pure gold. I’m grateful for him sharing his story and giving his life to Christ. I’m overjoyed at his beautiful family and his love for his brothers and the fans. May God continue to bless and keep your family.” — Retta Timmons.

Albert J. Cassidy: Let me tell you something #7 This game of football does not define you or any other player as a man! People will be let down in this life and you’ve been a fighter your whole career! You’ve fought through serious injuries & stood and took hits only to make amazing completions. The Browns were just driven harder. Whatever you decide you will amaze!

“As a life long Steelers fan, I will say comfortably, Ben my friend, you are one in a million. I am only one year younger than you with a family of my own. When my daughter played flag football (ages 5-7 yikes)they let each child play quarterback in a cycle. Years later her coach (bless this man) told me he would laugh because at practices Jillian would keep asking when she gets to play Big Ben. She could not accept the word quarterback, her terminology for the position was ‘Big Ben’. My family has been blessed to see almost every NFL game you’ve played in one way or another. When it comes this last game, the stars did not align for us. Mistakes can be compounded in this game so quickly, and most people know that. But I believe you played an amazing game, and didn’t stop fighting. Some care only about winning, I come for the fight. You have been consistent for that Ben. You have never given up over the years. Obviously you have decisions coming up. No matter what may come remember, we would want you back another 17 years if you could do it. God bless you and you’re family. And thank you for another hard fought season.” — Joshua Daniels.

Marc @Marc03502165
@_BigBen7 you’ll always be my favorite qb Ben! You amazed us all this year!

“Thank you Ben for all of your hard work and dedication to this team and the fans. We appreciate everything you’ve put into it for us. Much love.” — Justin McGonigle.

Becky Mckenney: Thanks Ben, it is always fun to watch you and the team play! So sorry for the loss but a good season! You always wear it on your heart! Go Steelers! Come back strong next season!

“Don’t know if Ben will see this or not but just wanted to let him know how much myself and my family have appreciated everything you’ve done for the city of Pittsburgh. No matter where/what you do from here it’s been 1 HELL of a ride. But of course, we want you back but also understand if you don’t. No matter what this part of Steelers Nation loves you man!” — Mike Carothers.

Justin Waugaman @Waug07
@_BigBen7 thanks for everything big guy but I think u have unfinished business show all the haters u got it u gun slinger bring home 7!

“While we were at the mall, Jackson and his friend Shawn found these in a store. They came to us and were so happy that they found them, and had put their money together to buy them. Always Big Ben Proud!” — Erin Novak.

PittsburghStrong @R7_YnotMe
My guy @_BigBen7, my quarterback, he’s everything to Pittsburgh!! I’ll always have your back!

“Ben, I really have this need to tell you that you made us dream as never before during this season, and even with this last game, every moment worth it lots of blessings and respect for you! Thanks for being this amazing human being and leader you are for our team! Salutes from Mexico!” — Iris Fernandez.

Wayne Eppehimer: Ben, I don’t know if you read any of these comments or not, but if you do – I am a pastor from the denomination that your wife grew up in and I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you during this sad time. I’m praying for courage, for the easing of your hurt (physically & the sad heartbreak) and for wisdom for the future.

“May God Bless you and your Family in your journey. Always be my QB. My Dad had Bradshaw, I got my Big Ben! Hope to meet you some day in Puerto Rico!” — Carlos Medina.

Karl Pettit @karlpettit
@_BigBen7 We, the fans, have no idea what you’re going through. What you showed in the second half in heart, drive & leadership was on full display. Your love for the game & your team showed! And I appreciate that. I hope for 1 more year & back YOUR choice. God bless you, sir.

“I want to start off by thanking you. You are the reason I became a fan of football. You’re the reason I came to love the sport, actually. Being a 25 year old man born in Washington PA, and raised in Steubenville Ohio (located about 40 mins outside of downtown Pittsburgh) as a kid I had no clue what team to root for. Living in the Ohio Valley, we have as many Cleveland fans and Bengals fans as there are Yinzers, so I never really had a favorite team at a young age. However, with living so close to the city, all of my early school field trips were annually to either Heinz Field or PNC Park, so naturally being from a smaller town like Steubenville I fell in love with the big city of Pittsburgh immediately.

Then 2004 came along. As I stated, I didn’t know who to root for sports-wise but I knew my family liked the Steelers so I had to like them to. Then you came along, Ben. You had the most exciting rookie season that Pittsburgh could have asked for. You made me proud to call myself a Pittsburgh fan for the first time. From then on, you cemented 17 years of loyal fanship, man. I just want to thank you for every single game you have given us, and how every single game you have played your heart out. I tell my friends and family every game that we fall behind in that as long as we have #7 on the field we will always have a chance to win. My Browns fan friends always disagree on that one but the jokes always on them in the end when we play! (Normally) Hahah. I pray that God helps you make the right decision in the upcoming season and I wish you and your family excellent health and nothing but the best regardless of any decision you make. Thanks again, big guy.” — Dusty Haspel.

Joe @jokirswild23
@_BigBen7 Ben listen. I’m a die hard from Cleveland. We are so proud of you brother. You have been loyal and faithful 2this organization for almost 2 decades. Don’t hang your head brother. We love you and we want you back. Come be great again Ben!

Rick Holman @RHolmanII
We’re ALL IN for the @_BigBen7 comeback tour! #HereWeGo #Steelers

“Ben, don’t retire. The true fans love your grit, passion and love for our city. I know I am just a fan who bleeds Black n Yellow, but you still have it. Yes, it! Enjoy your offseason with your family and hope to see #7 going for #7 in 2021/2022 season. Thank you!” — Larry Huber, PS4L.

Congo Boz @Eman_Daddyman
@_BigBen7 you sir are my dude, keep doing you! #LetsGo #Steelers

Tonya Lynn: You have given the people of Pittsburgh and all in Steelers Nation something to be extremely proud of!!!❤💛🖤 Chin up Ben!!! You will always be one of the best humans that ever happened to the Pittsburgh sports nation.

“Ben, each and every season you always give the fans what they need the most and that is hope. You are the epitome of ‘Don’t Quit’! I am proud that you are the QB of the team I have loved for 50 years!” — Anita Doddroe.

Andrea Biehler Mata @steelersnkellz
@_BigBen7 We Love u and I love our Team!! U ways take the blame and I respect tht but it ain’t all u! I’ve never been so sad over a season.. but u and Pouncy Got me!

“Hey Big Ben, I have been a life long Steelers fan. My first game I remember fully watching was the ‘05 playoffs against the Colts ….”wide right”. Anyway, I think you played a fantastic season and we’d be lucky to have you again next year. Sometimes people don’t know how good a player is until they are gone, but I know you are the best quarterback to play for the Steelers I mean even terry bradshaw said it. Anyway thank you for all the memories this year. Unfortunately my Big Ben jersey is too small for me and I can’t afford a new one as I’m a student but maybe in a few years so I can rep you every game!” — Sincerely a true Steelers fan, Austin Aikins.

Cesar Garcian @cesarillo_illo
@_BigBen7 you are the leader! Steeler Nation loves you! Come back, see you next year and fight for the lombardi

“God brought you through your surgery for us to enjoy you leading our Steelers. Can’t wait till the 2021 season hopefully to see you in person leading us again. I believe in my Big Ben 💛🖤” — Marilyn McClellan.

julie @julie42963065
@_BigBen7 Ben- we love you, win or lose. You’ve been fantastic! Please don’t retire. One more run for a ring!! Crossed fingers!!

Melissa Warble: Ben, you ARE great! Great athlete, leader, quarterback, speaker, and Steeler. Don’t let this forum or the media or anything else get you down. You also don’t carry the burden or the wins by yourself. It’s a team- you win together and lose together. It wasn’t our day. Make a decision based on what you think is best for you, your family and your body. Thanks for all you do! 💛🖤💛🖤❤️

“Amazing what you went through & how you came back for the season, my friend. Says a lot about your character & determination. Hope to see you & the family in GA. #Respect” — Todd Ezrailson.

Lori Treusch: Thank you, Ben for being a great quarterback and a great role model for all of your young fans!

Derek Shartle @DerekShartle
@_BigBen7 Another year please guys !!! Sincerely all your hard core, dedicated towel waving,black and yellow freaks from all across the world. Here from the small corner here in Indiana we love y’all!!

“Hello Big Ben, I’m 19 years old from the small town of Oil city, Pa and I just want to take a minute and say don’t let none of this talk bring you down! Your one of my biggest role models and you did amazing this year, especially coming off your injury. I also want to say thanks for everything you have done for the community and Steeler Nation. I hope I can continue to watch you on the field next year. THANKS Big Ben!” — Kaden Geib.

Laura @steelersfan3538
@_BigBen7 Things in my life have changed alot, especially in the past 5 years, but my love for the Steelers has remained constant and unfaltering. This season didnt end as we all hoped it would but I will always be a dedicated fan.

“When you took the field in 2004, my first thought was, ‘We finally have a quarterback!’ You’ve never let us down, Ben. You’ve been the best part of the Steelers since Day One. I’ll never forget 2005. You got us ‘one for the thumb.’ I’m one of your biggest fans and you’ll forever be my favorite player. All the best to you and your family.” — Wendy Goblick. (P.S. Don’t leave us!)

PET @Giopetroni
@_BigBen7 thank you for making The 2020 season happen. For sharing your experience with our rookies, and for helping to the team’s future. Best for you!!!!

Michele Smith: Ben, you are a Great player and Great person. It’s ok to feel sad and disappointed.

Keep praying to move forward and to focus on all the positives. You have the love and respect of so many…

“Thank you Ben! Your dedication, talent and leadership has brought joy to Steelers fans for many years. In the time that you have been playing for the Steelers, I have gone through good times and trying times from getting married and having a baby to the death of a parent. In that same time, we’ve watched you grow from a rookie who shocked the football world with your abilities to a husband and father off the field and a mentor and veteran leader on the field. Just like my family, you leading the Steelers has been a constant. Last year when I heard the news you had a season ending injury, the thought of your career ending felt like a ‘gut punch’. Nonetheless, I was so happy when you planned to come back. This season you seemed to be so grateful to be there and having fun. I sometimes think sometimes fans take it for granted what it takes being an NFL quarterback and the dedication and sacrifices you have made to continually be one of the best to play the game. I know it takes even more perseverance to come back from what could have been a career ending injury when you have nothing left to prove but simply want to win a Super Bowl for your teammates. You obviously have the determination of the poem you once told us about entitled ‘Don’t Quit’. While the season didn’t end like we all hoped, it was a great season with a lot to be proud of. I do hope you decide to come back next season. If not, I feel fortunate that I was one of few to able to go to a game at Heinz Field this season and watch you throw four touchdowns against the Bengals. I’ve been a Steelers fan all my life, but you represent Steelers football to me. I’m not ready for the ‘Ben era’ to end.” — Tara Henderson (with her friend Lydia Wroth).

B Cavy @bcavy252
@_BigBen7 Love ya Ben. Come back for one last hoorah to get it done in 2021. I believe buddy!

Ronda Rue Shaw: Ben your a true legend in my heart. Great person, beautiful family, great career and life. Your truly blessed be proud of plus accomplishments you made the STEELERS. I thank you!

“Thank you Ben for a great season! Loved seeing you out there all year. You bring so much joy to our family. The Mulinaro family loves you and always has your back! Hope we see you out there next year!!” — Lori Mulinaro.

Rick Benton: I’m a Ravens fan, certainly not a Steelers fan, but I’ve always appreciated how tough a competitor Ben is. The only way I felt comfortable with a win against Ben, was when we had the lead with no time on the clock.

Michael @Michael85683377
@_BigBen7 Thank you for everything. Your rehabilitation and come on who can deny the 11 straight wins! Also, you and the team working through covid. None of that is an easy task. I don’t play on your team, however, as a fan I’d like to proudly say you’re my QB! GO STEELERS!

“Thank you Big Ben! You played as a warrior until the last minute in each game, we want to see you one more year on the field.” — Roger Saucedo.

Lynn Nagy: Lifetime Browns fan here. I have always respected the Stealers organization. Great tradition, great players . Ben grew up about 30 miles from where I live. Watched him in high school and followed his career. A gifted athlete. I wish him and all the Steelers players and coaches a healthy and refreshing off season. I hope to see him play again.

“Ben, I am a Pittsburgh native, a die hard fan and also a brother in Christ. I have followed you for your entire professional career, I pray that you receive comfort from our father in heaven. It has been a privilege to watch you on the football field ,I would love to see you on the field for another exciting season, but also understand the plans God may have for you may not be on the football field. May God bless you and your family and thank you and your family for all of the sacrifice you have all undergone to entertain us. God Bless. — Michael Estock.

“7… you are not only my all-time favorite Steeler, you are my all-time favorite athlete. At 27 years old, I have seen every single snap of yours since 2004 and I cannot thank you enough for all the heart you’ve shown us as fans and allowing me to ‘grow up’ with you as my quarterback. Some of the best moments I will forever have are a direct result from you. In 2009 I made a promise to myself that I will be at your first ballot induction in Canton and to this day that stands true. You mean more to this city and this franchise than you could ever imagine- thank you!” — Zach Parker.

Nancy Pritt: I believe in you and the Steeler team. I have loved watching the game win or lose. You are the best quarterback in the league. Don’t feel sorry for the last game. You and the team did your very best. I will always be your fan. You are the greatest.

“Ben, NO ONE could ever fill your shoes…they can try, but there will never be another QB under center for the Black & Gold like you! Hoping to see you back next season!” — Kenny C.

Kim Broome: You are a great quarterback & father & husband. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Prayers!

Pau @usagigar
ALWAYS Black and Gold! @steelers @_BigBen7

Ken Bashford: I have enjoyed watching you and Terry Bradshaw more than all the other quarterbacks I have seen in 60 years, don’t know if you have more years in you or not, just know that you have been an inspiration to me and thousands like me, God bless you and your family.

“Dear Big Ben, In first grade I had a spelling test, and each week the test had one “star” word. The star word was always more difficult than the other words and one week the star word was Roethlisberger. When our teacher told us this, I told her I had no chance at spelling your last name correctly. She told me if I practiced enough, I could certainly spell it come Friday’s test. That week, I practiced every day. I had a poster of you with your name on it on my closet door in my room and each night I’d practice before bed. Friday came, and not only did I learn how to spell your last name forward, I learned how to spell it backward. Why am I telling you this? From first grade to now (in college), in every aspect of my life you have meant so much to me and so many other yinzers in Pittsburgh. I will never forget everything you have done for this city and the Steelers Franchise. I’m writing to you after the Cleveland Browns defeated us 48-37 in the wildcard, but I know you’re not done yet. One last ride, Thank you 7!” — All Love, A Grateful Yinzer, Jack Moo.

“I am not sure what the future holds Ben, but thank you for all the awesome memories and for your blood, sweat and tears for my beloved Steelers. May God greatly bless you and your family in all your future endeavors”. — Rick Poulnett with his son, Austin.

Guitto @GuittoSanM
@_BigBen7 “To temper the iron they bathe it in ice water, the iron groans and complains and seems to cry but later it becomes a hammer and a sword” (Facundo Cabral)

Joyce Woods: Ben, you are a major reason why the Steelers are a dynasty. I have enjoyed watching you play your heart and soul out for this team and your fans. I will always be appreciative and grateful for all the great Steeler football games over the years. I know you will make the right decision about your future but know that I hope you come back for one more year. You are special to Pittsburgh and to your fans. Your fans, me included, want to be able to pack Heinz Field one more season to pay tribute to you and your team. Many blessings to you and thank you for being our quarterback.

“Ben you are a true champion and leader of this team, you give a 100 percent of yourself to this city and your fans are so grateful! Thank you for a fun season, it helped bring some happiness through a tough time that our is world facing. Enjoy your off season with your family.” — Love Billie Jo and Greg.

miguel angel @AngelAngel0507
@_BigBen7 ben you have given us joy and it broke my soul to see you cry we love you in Mexico ben

“Hi Big Ben, we think you are great! Today our third grade class celebrated ‘National Dress Your Pet Day’ and shared pictures in our Zoom class. I wanted you to see how big a fan our dog Tucker is. We love our Steelers! 🖤💛”
Mrs. Martin and her third grade class from Lakeside Elementary in Northeast PA

Maria Martinez: Love you big Ben, keep your chin high, you are the best QB ever!! See you next year, go Steelers!!!

“My heart breaks for him! Please tell him to keep his head up. We love him and hope to see him next season!” — Jamie Lee Wilson.

Lynda Moreno: Never loved this team and Ben more than the night of their loss. They never gave up and fought so hard to come back.

Robert Bercik @RobertBercik
@_BigBen7 Don’t listen to the haters. You did what you always do. You tried to get us out of a situation and you played your heart out. You are loved by the true steelers fans and we want you to come back. And play until you feel you are ready. Love you man. Thank you for a great season.

Mandy Templar: I still Love my Quarterback. My Team! Yall fought hard with no rest this season due to covid crap. I forgive you for not being superhuman!!! Win Lose Tie Fan for life even after I die!!!

“Ben, you are an amazing person and much appreciated.” — Mary Jane McCaw.

Brent TI Freyenberger @brentleefrey33

Kimberly Walters-Vincent: Ben … you are so loved and respected and still our Superman!!! We trust in your faith and love for your family and your teammates!!! So we will be behind whatever path you take!!! Thank you for all you’ve done for the fans, the Burgh and the team!! In Ben we Trust!!

“Ben, #7 is my lucky number; you have never let me down! #1 fan in Cali.” — Em.

David Weber: Not a Steelers fan but Big Ben Roethlisberger is the GOAT for the Steelers franchise and if he retires I hope he holds his head high for his accomplishments. But if he feels able and competitive to play I hope to hell he does!

SteelDad @SteelDad
Good Morning! Was picking up some food last night and guy says, “Still wearing your #Steelers gear?” I said, “Yeah… That’s part of being a fan. Thick or thin, lose or win…” Seems logical to me. 🤷‍♂️

Ben, thank you so much for the 17 years you’ve given to us. It hasn’t always been perfect, and I know I’ve said some negative things about you, but I love football, and you’re a huge part of the reason why. The tackle against the Colts in the playoffs, getting Bus a ring, the touchdown at the end of Super Bowl 43, all the games you stuck out even though you were hurt, the amazing comebacks, and, my favorite, coming back in against Cincinnati in the playoffs in 2015, even though they did everything they could to hurt you. You’ve been Superman for Steeler Nation for your whole career, and I don’t know if the journey is over, but if it is, just want you to know that we appreciate the heck out of you, big fella. You’ve given me a lot of reasons to smile in my life, even in my worst moments. Love you, 7, and thank you for everything. — Troy Rolan.

Baz @pilsbury77
@_BigBen7 watching you feel the loss Sunday made me appreciate all the hard work you put in this season. Could not be prouder to be a @steelers fan. You and the whole team are amazing. Thank you for everything this season.

Josh Wombacher: U are awesome Ben I have loved u since day 1 with the steelers I met u and got your autograph threw make a wish and it was a dream come true and once in a lifetime. I hope u don’t retire yet I would love to see u play another year and finish out your contract. U are the greatest steelers QB ever and always will be. You are a legend and will be in the hall of fame someday. I’m a diehard steelers fan have been for 28 years and always will be. Hope to see u back next season.

“Ben, The last 17 seasons watching you play has epitomized what being a Pittsburgh Steeler is all about. One of the most memorable moments I recall was when you played the Ravens with a fractured foot and a broken nose. Looking like a wounded soldier on the battle field. You fought hard and delivered a victory to your team and Steeler Nation – such an incredible moment! We all knew you were something special! That is what it means to be a Pittsburgh Steeler. Your heart, loyalty, and dedication to this team and its fans is a great example for players everywhere. Especially those players who were blessed enough to have played along side you. My cousin James played his last 4 years as your RB and I couldn’t have been any prouder, to say the least. When he got drafted and I knew he’d play along side you was one of the best days ever.

Thank you Ben. I’m not sure what the futures holds for you after this remarkable 12-4 season. But, Whatever you decide just know Steeler Nation Loves You Dearly!!

(Even though I’m hoping you come back for 1 more season 🙂!) God bless you and your family, Ben.” — Warm Regards, Kim Mitchell.

Thank you to everyone who sent messages! Again, I wish I could have posted all of them!