From May 5, 2015: Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in Style…Steelers Style, that is!

En honor de fin de semana del cinco de mayo – we celebrate the passion of Steeler Nation Mexico!


The beautiful ladies of Regios de Acero show off their (football) Sunday best!

“Ben, ya queremos verte de nuevo en el campo de juego, te deseamos buena suerte a ti y a los acereros. Saludos de tus amigos de Regios de Acero, Monterrey, Mx.” — Roger Saucedo, Regios de Acero (@Roger_Saucedo).

Translation: Ben, we cant wait to see you again on the Field, we wish good luck to you and our Steelers too ,best regards from your friends Regios de Acero, Monterrey, Mx

P.S. We will be at Cinci (Dec. 2015) to support Ben and Steelers, you know it is our traditional trip!


Miguel Angel Gomez Tellez shares this incredible photo from his Steelers Mexico fan club:

“Happy 5 de mayo

Steelers fan club name: “BLACK AND YELLOW MONCLOVA



Country: MEXICO

There are many Steelers fans in Monclova! We hope to make many friends with you.

‘BLACK AND YELLOW’ was created in early, 2011. The Club currently consists of over 200 people in our city. WE SEE EVERY PITTSBURGH GAME TOGETHER.” — Miguel


Diego Delgadillo and members of Steelers Family Tapatíos wave their Terrible Towels!

“En México no cualquiera comprende el fútbol americano y la pasión que éste conlleva. ¿Pero nosotros?

Guadalajara is among the biggest cities in Mexico, and besides Tequila, Mariachis, Charros and Tortas Ahogadas, it is also house of one of the greatest Steelers fan clubs in the town. We are around 70 friends, all from different ages, jobs, religions and status. But what we share makes us a family. We usually surprise people when showing around in a designated bar to enjoy a game. The house full of black, white and bee jerseys seems inexplicable for many people; they often ask us if we used to live in America.

Soccer is very popular here, but anyway, the businesses watch themselves forced to take the local teams out of the TV for us. We wait from February to September to take our terrible towels out again. Is the best season of the year and we know it.

We’ve recently heard that a study shows that the Steelers have more supporters in our country than the Rams in the United States. Jamás estuvimos tan orgullosos.

This year, we are happy to have the chance to see the Steelers in San Diego on October 12th, for many of us, including me, it will be the first, but surely not the last time we will see the team we love from inside the stadium. We are crazy about OUR Steelers. We may live in Guadalajara, but somehow, a part of our hearts is there, in Pittsburgh, waiting for us inside the Heinz Field. #HereWeGo — Diego Delgadillo (@dsdgtz)