From Bob Labriola,

The Pittsburgh Steelers were in a tough spot with respect to this game against the Indianapolis Colts, and in a bad spot with respect to their season. They needed someone to lead a rally, someone they could rally around. Once again, that someone was Ben Roethlisberger.

Staring at a 21-7 halftime deficit that grew to 24-7 on the first possession of the third quarter, things seemed as bleak for the Steelers as they had been at any point during this COVID-infested NFL regular season. Then Roethlisberger brought them back.

“I’ve been watching Ben like you guys have for 17 years, man. Half a game is not going to define him. He’s a competitor. As long as there’s time on the clock, he’s going to keep coming at you.” — Coach Tomlin.

During a 10-and-a-half-minute span in the second half, Roethlisberger threw three touchdowns passes while completing 23-of-29 (79.3 percent) for 244 yards, with three touchdowns, no interceptions, and a rating of 136.2 during the game’s final 30 minutes to lead the Steelers to a 28-24 victory over the Colts that clinched the AFC North Division title for them.

The victory was far from a one-man show, but there’s no argument that Roethlisberger was the linchpin for what happened during the turnaround. It’s what great quarterbacks do for their teams, and Roethlisberger showed once again why he deserves to be recognized as a great quarterback.

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Did You Know?

This game marked Ben’s 35th career fourth-quarter comeback, breaking a tie with Johnny Unitas for fourth all time. Ahead of him: Manning (43), Brady (39), and Brees (36)

It was also Ben’s 46th game-winning drive (fifth all time behind Manning, Brees, Brady & Marino).

*Thank you Steel City Blitz for the great stats!