From his interview today with Teresa Varley,

Reaction to seeing WR Mike Wallace back with the team –

It was neat. It’s neat seeing him back. He’s a friend, a teammate and a brother. We’re excited to have him back.

Are you worried about his football fitness?

Not at all.

Understanding that football is a business and holdouts are a part of it –

We’re just excited to get him on the field. It’s kind of like your parents telling you that you get a new car but it has to sit in the driveway because you don’t have any insurance. Once you get that insurance, you can get out and take it for a ride.

How prepared is Wallace?

To me, it’s about how much work he has put in on his own learning the playbook. I know he’s been working out physically, but mentally has he been working out? We’ll see when we get in meetings and get out there.

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