Uho! Elmo got lost when he went trick-or-treating tonight and somehow ended up at the Roethlisberger house.

Ben & Ashley thought he was so darn cute that they decided to keep him as their own. Elmo seems just fine with that idea, especially since he now has that baby sister he’s always wanted!

“My son has been wearing his Elmo costume…he’s going to be 2 years old next month, so he’s wearing his Elmo costume and he’s been wearing it all over the house, so we’re trying to get it off of him and tell him he’s not allowed to wear it until actual Halloween!” — Ben, during his interview yesterday with Mark Madden.


“Daddy, when do we get to eat the candy? Can we have it for dinner? It IS Halloween, afterall!” — Benjamin, Jr.

“All I have to do is pretend to be posing nicely for the camera and then reachhhh out and grab just this one bag of M&M’s….” — Baylee


“This is how it works Baylee – I’m older so I get to divide the candy: I get the M&M’s, the Snickers, and the Twix bars. You can have the Milky Way bars…no, you can have one Milky Way bar, I’ll uh…hold on to the rest for safekeeping.” — Benjamin, Jr.


“Mommy said I could wear my Elmo costume to bed!!! YESSSSSS!!!!” — Benjamin, Jr.

“Wait…what the…what happened to all that yummy candy? I look up and smile for one photo and now it’s all gone?” — Baylee


“I have to admit, I am totally rockin’ the baby bunny look!!!” — Baylee

Hoping you had a fun, safe and Happy Halloween, Steeler Nation!