…from Steeler Nation (and both a Ravens fan and a 49ers fan!)

Messages have been coming in all weekend for Ben on his induction into Miami University’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Below are just a few of the many “congrats” received via email, the website’s Facebook page, and Twitter account:

“Congratulations to my big brother on being inducted into the Miami Hall of Fame! So proud of you!!” — Carlee Roethlisberger

2“I just wanted to say congrats to Ben for being inducted into the Miami Hall of Fame. What an honor, and well deserved! I’m sure Coach Hep would feel just as honored to go in with you as you do with him! Much love and God Bless!” — Maddie Mulinaro, Indianapolis, IN

“It has been an amazing journey seeing him grow for a confident young man to an impressive role model and Super Bowl Champ. We love you Ben.” — Laurene Harrison

“Congratulations Ben on making the Redhawks HOF on behalf of Steelers Xtreme.” — Nathan Bays

“Awesome job! Congrats on a much deserved honor, One day it will be the NFL Hall of Fame.”— Brandi Herres

Congratulations to @_BigBen7 for his induction into the MiamiOH HOF. — Brett Keisel ‏@bkeisel99

“Congratulations, Ben. So proud of you!” — Donna Jones

“Ben, I want to add my congratulations on your induction to the MOH Hall Of Fame. Your many accomplishments should be a great source of pride to you and your family. And, as an avid fan since the day you became a Steeler, I am so pleased that you are receiving these honors. You continue to make me proud — of your generosity in the community, your dedication to your family and your talent, hard work and accomplishments as our quarterback!” — Jan Banko, PA

“2nd Favorite Steeler QB of all time and may pass the Blond Bomber, when all said and done.” — Dave Hopkins, Dillsburg, PA

“Congratulations. You deserve it. There is payback in all the good you do.” — Barb Painter

“Awesome job Ben, you deserve it and much, much more!” — Cheryl Halstead

“Congrats to Ben! Such and honor…such a blessing! Your talent and skills are so worthy of this and more. Enjoy your day and keep it close to your heart!! So happy you will be connected to your Coach again…how wonderful for you.
Lots of love from you Utah fans.” — Mary Rafail and Family

3“Congrats you definitely deserve having the #7 retired..you are a class act gentleman!! And i am glad that my son looks up to you!! couldn’t pick a better role model!!” — Edward Rick

@_BigBen7 congrats on being inducted into the redhawks HOF well deserved. — Jonathan Dwyer @JDwyer27

“That is wonderful news. this is why I adore him on the field and am sooo proud of him off the field.” — Laurene Harrison

“God Bless Big Ben. He is pure class!” — Kathleen Donovan, Pittsburgh, PA

“Hey Ben, congrats on making the MU Hall of Fame. It was a long time coming and I hope you and your family enjoy the moment.” — Jackie Gerring, Cameron Park, CA

“Congratulations Ben, have a great day, that’s something to be very proud of.” — Karen Kalfas

Congrats to @_BigBen7 being named to the @MiamiRedHawks Hall of Fame today! — Pittsburgh Steelers @steelers

“Congratulations, Ben. You can’t get enough awards in my book and you are an ELITE quarterback to me and many others.” — Donna Jones

“First Miami, Ohio next stop Canton!!” — Roger Ramm, Austintown, Ohio

“I saw you play in the GMAC bowl with my family. We were all so impressed and just prayed you’d go to the Steelers. We thought it might be a longshot, but then God said, yep…that man’s a Steeler!!! We are just thrilled you’re our QB…God bless, congrats, and we wish you many more years in the Black and Gold!!!” — Cindy Colantuono, Daphne, Alabama

“Congrats Ben, from a very proud Steelers fan!” — Elizabeth Luzier, Chambersburg, PA

“Congratulations Ben! You and Coach Hep definitely belong in the Hall of Fame and it’s really cool you get to go in together. I hope good things continue to go your way. You deserve it!” — Sarah Swenson

5Congrats to my favorite football player in the world, @_BigBen7 for being inducted to the Miami hall of fame! — Jas @jBSTEEL_

“AWESOME!! It’s been a great year for you Ben, be proud.” — Mary Caratelli

“I went to school there many many years before Ben!!!! Way to go Ben.” — Lorraine Davis

“Congratulations Ben. You’re a true inspiration to those that love the sport (old and new).” — Vicki Delien, Oakdale, PA

Big congrats to @_BigBen7 for the HOF honor! #WellDeserved — Annette Filippone @1BlkGldFan

“Congratulations Ben on being inducted into Miami Ohio HOF, its a well deserved honor and we as Steeler fans are so blessed to have you as our QB!” — Billie Jo & Greg Yakubik, Pittsburgh, PA

“Heart u” — Miranda Thompson

“Congrats Ben! You’re one hell of a QB!” — Jordan Williams

@_BigBen7 Congrats on your induction today big guy! Come have a beverage on us to celebrate when you get back! @MiamiRedHawks #Steelers — Jergel’s ‏@jergels

“Congratulations Ben, proud of you!!!! GO STEELERS!” — Kaye Mccorkle Smelley

“Woohoo! So happy for you Big Ben what an honor.” — Margaret Swartz

“Congratulations to you Ben, you deserve this award, god bless you and your family!!” — Joanne Parmelee

6Congrats to @_BigBen7 and the rest of the @MiamiRedHawks Hall of Fame inductees! — The Miami Student @miamistudent

“Amen!!! Way to go!!!! I’m sure you’re family is proud….and so is your Steeler family!!!!” — Kerry Mykins

“Congrats Ben, happy your getting the recognition you deserve for all your hard work at Miami!” — Jamie Alanna

“Congrats Big Ben. What an honor this is!” — Brenda Collenette

@_bigben7 Congrats on making HOF. There’s another one waiting on you. — Ross Henry @Ezra717

“Luv you Ben. Congratulations. You deserve it!” — Hope Weber

“You look great Ben…My favorite player ever to play Steeler football. You rock.” — Lisa Konstanzer

“Congratulations, Ben, to you and your family! We are so very proud of you. So glad you got to enter with your dear Coach, too! Thank you for sharing the day with your fans. We’re looking forward to seeing you inducted into another Hall of Fame in the future! (DISTANT future, that is…we need you playing for at least a few more years!” — Charlene Purta Bigelow, WV

@_BigBen7 Well deserved. Congrats!! Also much thanks to the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation for awarding our agency with a new K9. Big Ben rocks! — LA Rick @LAPITTRICK

“Congratulations to Ben!! Well deserved. Still a Ravens fan though!” — Clayton Lewis

“Coming from a die-hard 9er fan, U the bomb Big Ben!” — Andrea Castillo

7@_BigBen7 From one Miami alum to another, congrats Ben! #MiamiRedHawks #SteelersNation — Mark Apgar @apgarmj

Really enjoyed the #MiamiOH HOF induction banquet with @_BigBen7. Cool to be there as a @MiamiUniversity student and a @steelers fan! — Griffin Claypool ‏@GriffClaypool

“Been a Steelers fan all my life ad now my son plays football for Miami. Congratulations Ben. It’s been great watching you grow up in North West Ohio!” — Richard James Koch

“Loved watching him play at Miami and for the Steelers! Love and Honor meets Black and Gold!” — Andrew Mauney

I recall watching this kid from Miami back in ’01 play UM in the Big House. Glad ‘that kid’ is in the burgh. Congrats @_BigBen7 Miami HOF — Steel Dad @SteelDad

“I saw you play in the GMAC bowl with my family. We were all so impressed and just prayed you’d go to the Steelers. We thought it might be a long shot, but then God said, yep…that man’s a Steeler!!! We are just thrilled you’re our QB…God bless, congrats, and we wish you many more years in the Black and Gold!!!” — Cindy Colantuono, Daphne, Alabama

*Thank you to everyone who took the time to email, post and tweet messages of congratulations!