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Ed Bouchette’s column in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette today entitled, “On the Steelers: Roethlisberger ‘sharp'” here.

Hal Spivack’s phone interview yesterday with Ben’s quarterback coach George Whitfield at NFL Fanhouse here.

James Walker’s AFC North Blog entry on Ben this week at entitled, “Seven questions about Ben Roethlisberger” here.


From an AP article in the Indiana Gazette:

“If you had told us we’d be 3-1 at the beginning of the year without Ben, no one outside of this locker room would have given us a chance. But it’s definitely great to have Ben back on our side.” — Hines Ward

“We’ve got to realize that our all-world quarterback is an all-world quarterback, but what we have established is great. We’re going to add him to what has been established. That’s one thing we’ve got to realize, how much the run is going to complement the pass and how we can just grind it if we need to. We’re not going to get away from the things we’ve been doing well.” — Antwaan Randle El

“The offense is definitely going to go in another direction. It won’t change too much, but at the same time we’re going to throw the ball because we’ve got one of the best guys back. So I’m excited.” — Mike Wallace

You can read Mr. Robinson’s  article here.

From an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“He looked good. No question that he has taken advantage of his down time or time away from us. He has utilized it and continued to prepare himself.” — Coach Tomlin, after the conclusion of this week’s practice.

You can read Mr. Bouchette’s article here.

From an article in USA Today, comparing Tampa Bay’s quarterback Josh Freeman to Ben:

“Josh isn’t as accurate as Drew Brees, but he has some things Drew and other quarterbacks don’t: his ability to extend a play because of his size and strength in the pocket. He shakes guys off.

“That part is similar to a Ben Roethlisberger, where Josh can stand in the pocket, shake guys off with great vision down the field. All the good quarterbacks have great vision down the field.” — Buccaneers offensive coordinator Greg Olson

You can read  Mr. Corbett’s article here.

And last, but not least….

From a blog at NFL Fanhouse:

“You can’t go wrong with Big Ben — yeah, go with it.” — Terry Bradshaw’s fantasy football advice

You can read the rest here.