As we head into the 2011 season….

“Dear Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers, my family and I are so excited for the upcoming season. Ben, you are a special quarterback (the best!) and you are leading a great team on the field. Thanks for being a wonderful role model for the kids and making football so exciting to watch. My son Zachary Martin and I had a wonderful time at your camp this year and he was lucky enough to play a little football with you at the camp. He will cherish that memory for life!! Have a wonderful season and we will be watching from home or at the game!! LETS GO STEELERS. #7 will lead us to #7 Ring!!!!” — Lori Martin

“I am proud to have you as my quarterback Ben. I am proud that you are our captain of OUR team and represent OUR men. I am extremely proud of the man you have become out of your tribulations. I told everyone that you were going to be fine. And I’m proud to say that while I can’t swoon you away with my sweet valley girl voice, I was right about one thing: You’re fine, you’re back, and stronger than ever. DO THIS BABY.” — Love, your biggest fan Denise Blanton (her three boys are in the photo above)

“We would like to wish Big Ben and the Steelers good luck in the season opener. And good health through the entire season. We will be cheering for them on game day.” — Your die hard Steelers fans in Fort Worth, Texas – The Rodriguez Family,

“Good Luck this Sunday Big Ben and all the Steelers!! Whoop, Whoop! It’s STEELERS NATION!! Take out that Terrible Towel and wave it high with pride!!”— Tom, Jackson, NJ

“Ben and all of my Steelers! Play smart… stay safe and know you have the support of a Nation behind you!! From sea to shining sea… it’s STEELER NATION! Looking forward to a great season! There is something very special about this team; THIS year! The Terrible Towel will be proudly waving in Nashville……. HERE WE GO!!” — Much love! Annette and family, TN

“Best wishes for a wonderful 2011 season! I am excited to see all of you take the field this Sunday to start on the ‘Quest for Seven’. Congratulations to you and all the team captains. You’re all great leaders and teammates on and off the field. Steelers fans are so lucky to support and cheer for the greatest group of players in the league!”— Trish T., Columbus, OH-IO

“Ben, congratulations! You will make an excellent Team Captain and I’m confident you will help lead the team to a successful season. Of course, we’d all like to see you and the Steelers back in the Super Bowl at the end of the season, but like you say… One step at a time. Good luck and have fun this season!” — Sarah, Minnesota

“Hi! My name is Mario and I just want to wish Ben good luck for this Sunday and the rest of the season….Go Steelers!” — Mario Rodriguez, Chihuahua, Mexico

“Ben, Good luck this season. Hope you and the team have a great season and also have a lot of fun. I know I have fun watching and cheering for my team. Congratulations on being named a team captain too.” — Katie, PA

“Ben, wishing you much success this year and throughout your career! God bless!” — Tara, VA

“Congratulations Ben on being named Captain, you so deserved it; furthermore best of luck to you and the team this Sunday against the Ravens…. Go Steelers!” — Love, Billie Jo and Greg Yakubik, Pittsburgh, PA (in the photo at left)

“Ben, looking forward to seeing you and the team on the field in 2011! Go Big Ben! Go Steelers!” — Bob Tamarak

“HEY BENNY BOY!!!!! Feb. 5th…Indy…Around 10:30PM…You holding number 7 AND the MVP trophy! BE THERE! Extra hug to the commish from me! Thanks Bro!” — Michael Colandrea

“Good luck Sunday against the Ravens. Let’s start the season with a big division win. GO STEELERS!” — Shelly Mears

“Ben, I am so happy to see you being named a captain again! Congrats! Your dedication to your faith and team shows! You are a great leader! I am really looking forward to this season. Playing the first game at the Ravens is tough, but I know you and the team can do it! Don’t look back, only forward. Good luck on Sunday, let’s start the season off right!!! Go Steelers!!!!!!!” — Amanda Wolfe, Fairmount City, PA

“Ben, happy you are captain again this year. You are an excellent leader. I have supreme confidence that you will lead the team to the Super Bowl this year…but I am a Steelers fan…I expect that every year anyway! My little Steeler Fan will be two on Saturday. He wants a win from the Steelers for his birthday.” — Jackie Gerring, CA

“To Ben and to the rest of the team, good luck this season in the race for number 7. It shows that all of you guys are dedicated and work hard. We are proud to have you represent the Steeler Nation. Go Steelers !!” — Renee S. Niles OH

“Hi Ben!!! Greetings from Uruguay! Wanted to wish you all the best for the upcoming season… i am very confident for a W against the Ravens… From a Uruguayan who bleeds Black and Gold!” — Alejandro Boyadjian

“My wife is from Pennsylvania and a true Steelers Fan. We have the “Terrible Towel” and watch the Steelers every week. We live in Georgia but her home is PA. GO STEELERS! You are the best.” — Wayne Gardner

“Ben, congrats on making captain! I wish you and the rest of your teammates the very best I hope you have a great season! You are the Best QB in the NFL! Much love to you & the Black & Gold! LET’S GO STEELERS! Love you & the Steelers lots!” — Your #1 fan, Kimberly Rose Hancock from Indiana, PA!

“I am so happy that Ben was chosen as a captain this year!! He is definitely a team leader!!!! Sunday can’t get here fast enough!! Go Steelers!!!!!”— Sharon Longfellow, Friendswood, TX

“Best of luck this season Big Ben, the Medina’s are wishing you and the Mighty Steelers a great season! Have fun and stay safe.”— Tito Medina, Steeler Strong in AZ!

“I have always supported Ben!! He such a great QB who has proven time and time again that he is one of the elite quarterbacks of the NFL. I am a huge fan of him and all the Steelers!! Ben has such great leadership skills and I think that will aid us getting to the Super Bowl again this year!! Ben always gives us everything he’s got each and every game and in my opinion the toughest QB in the league!! I would not want any other QB running our offense!! I want to wish all the Steelers a healthy, successful, and strong year!! We have such a talented team that can beat any team any given day. This is the year of the 7th Lombardi!! I know we can do it!! Let’s Go Steelers!!” — Michelle, Pittsburgh

“New beginnings are always exciting, and the same goes for new seasons, or in this case the new NFL season. First off, I want to congratulate you Ben on being named Captain by your teammates this year, I know it’s a great honor for you. You’ve always done a tremendous job leading this team both on and off the field and I know you’ll continue to do so this season. I also want to wish you and the rest of the Steelers team good luck this season. I know you guys will do great and all of Steelers nation will be cheering you guys every step the way! God Bless & Go Steelers!!” — Carolina, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Ben, Just want to say congrats for being named team captain for the Offense. You are a leader and we wish you and the entire team the best this season. Let’s get it started with winning the first game against the Ravens. Go Steelers! We love you!” — Ron and Karen Reynolds

“Good luck this Sunday against the Ravens and for the rest of the season! I’ll stand behind you and your teammates no matter what! Let’s bring home that 7th Lombardi Trophy!” — Lexi, Pittsburgh

“Ben, have a great game on Sunday. I live in your hometown of Findlay, Ohio. We are having a party to cheer you and the team on. We love watching you play. Go Steelers!!” — Cheryl Cline, OH

“I wanted to congratulate Big Ben and the other team captains. Way to go!!! Ben, you were born to lead. Good luck on the game on Sunday! I will be getting my grill on with Big Ben’s BBQ Sauce and watching the Steelers DESTROY the Ravens!!! Here we go for Ring #7. Good luck Ben, the best quarterback in the league!!! GO STEELERS!” — Annette, South Elgin, IL

“Hey Ben (and family), first of all I want to congratulate you on getting married! Can’t wait to watch you this regular season. You looked sharp in the pre-season! I have always been a huge fan of yours and never turned an ear to the rumors that took place! Keep up the hard work and kicking a**, Congrats on making captain this season! You deserved it! I pray that you have an injury-free season, and know that you can take us to the Super Bowl again! Stairway to 7 in 2011!” — Dustin Nicholas, Pocatello, Idaho

“I am obsessed with my Steelers…watching you play is amazing! I am excited to see you win the Super Bowl this year!!!” — Rachelle Marie, Detroit, MI

“Hey Erin, my name is Tyson Williams. I am in the Army and currently serving overseas in Iraq. I just want you to tell Ben that no matter what it takes I will be watching all his games (as long as they are showing them) and good luck. They have a tough season ahead of them, but I know I will watching them in the Super Bowl again this year. Hopefully, from my couch in February. I am a huge fan. I always had his back and wore his jersey with pride.” — Tyson Williams, stationed in Iraq

“I just had ankle surgery but will be watching the game screaming at the TV. Good luck Sunday, hope my neighbors don’t hate me for my yelling.” — Katie

“Congratulations on becoming captain again! So glad to see what you have been doing with your life and your faith. Congratulations on your marriage too. What a blessing your wife must be.
Continuing to cheer and pray for you!”— Cathi from Bridgeville

“Good luck against the Ravens Sunday. Remind ’em about last year! I’m sick that in Erie, PA, I won’t get to see the opening game, because the NFL puts us in the Buffalo region and shows all their games.” — Barbara Pittman

“Good luck to Ben and the rest of the Steelers in the opening game of the season, the first step to winning this year’s Super Bowl and improving on last season’s runner-up finish. Thank you to Ben for signing our Miami University Redhawks hat when coming back to visit the school for a game during your rookie year in Pittsburgh! That meant a lot! Best QB in the league, better than Manning, Brady or anyone else! Go BR-7!” — Todd Marver from Northbrook, Illinois

“Congratulations to Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Arnaz Battle and James Farrior for being selected for Pittsburgh Steelers Team Captains. I know you all will be terrific leaders for your team and will do a fabulous job! Best of Luck this season! Just remember to keep God #1 in all you do and you are certain to go far.” — Laura Leigh McGuirk, Adamsville, Alabama

“Want to express my happiness to Ben! Congrats on being named Captain! You are so deserving and are such a great example and leader. It takes a very special person to uphold that honor and you are the one!!! We love you tons and wish the best for you in everything! Let me also wish the team the best success ever! This just feels like our year to be GREAT! Now lets go and beat those Ravens…that is what I’ll wish for when I blow out my birthday candles….can’t think of a better present!!! GO BEN…GO STEELERS…Your # 1!” — Rafail family, St George, UT

“Love Ben, and all that you do too Erin. Can’t wait to see the game. Am happy its on TV here in Atlanta. GO Steelers! Will be waving the towel!” — Paulette Pelletier

“Congrats on earning the co-captain title back this year, Ben! You’ve earned it. Lets get number 7 this year for our Number 7!” — Jennifer Price

“Good Luck Ben on this upcoming season. Leave the past behind. Can’t wait to see you guys back on the field Sunday as you start another great season. You will Rock it this year. Me and my family will be cheering you guys on as always. BTW, you were my first round pick in fantasy play! GO BEN AND GO STEELERS!!!! THIS IS OUR YEAR!!!” — Melissa, Maison and Levi Fetty

“Ben and our Steelers go into Maryland and Ball out!! We are behind you all the way.” — Steve Smith

“So, So, GLAD to hear that Ben is the Captain of the team, it’s about time everyone starts to realize that he is just as good, if not better than some of these other QB that they always talk about!!! I am SO PROUD of Ben, and how he can get out there and PLAY FOOTBALL, ACTUALLY PLAY FOOTBALL, like a REAL PLAYER, and not just stand and throw the ball!! Gotta love him!!” — Shelly Ott

“Good luck Ben this weekend…like you need it……you are an amazing player…please do not let them ravens hurt you!!”— Laura, NC

“Hey Ben, Cannot wait for this opening game. The offense looks amazing. I can’t imagine how any other team is going to cover everyone. That’s gotta be fun for you. Hope you can pick up against the Ravens where you left off last season- beating the big ugly purple things….lol. Good Luck!” — Carla Weaver

“Congrats on making captain. Best of luck to the team and let’s make it a great season; bring home no 7. Go S T E E L E R S ! !”— Edgar & Haydee Sampedro, NM (photo at left)

“Just tell Ben to beat the RAVENS!!!!!! And have a Great Season. See him in the Super Bowl!!!!!” — Heidi Gallops, Columbus, Georgia

And from a die-hard New York Jets fan:

“Very glad to hear you are named a captain! Have a great season. Could you do me a personal favor? Please beat the Patriots. See you January 22, 2012 in the AFC Championship game again. Go Ben! Go JETS!” — Debby Di Donato Sorrick

Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to send messages!