But Steeler Nation was too worried about #7, who suffered an injury in the 3rd quarter, to celebrate (he will have an MRI upon the team’s return to Pittsburgh).

His website’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as his email account, were flooded with well wishes even before the game ended…here is just a small sample. starting with Bruce Gradkowski and Jerome Bettis:

Bruce Gradkowski ‏@bgradkowski5
Great win #SteelerNation !!Thanks for the awesome support, felt like a home game!! Let’s pray for @_BigBen7 for a fast recovery #he’llbeback

Jerome Bettis ‏@JeromeBettis36
Hope this injury isn’t to serious! #SteelerNation is praying for you man! #PITvsSTL

Susan Delucia ‏@steeleru7
@_BigBen7 So sad and sick to my stomach. A win isn’t worth losing you. Prayers up. @steelers @AntonioBrown84

Y’all don’t know how much he means to the team until he gets hurt.. So for those who have complained about him (not necessarily on this fb page, but on other pages, I’ve seen) now… It’s real.. And it’s sad.. Get Better Soon Ben we love you Ben. — Valerie Ivkovich

Stasi Lloyd ‏@iamstasi
Its great to be 2-1 but not at the expense of @_BigBen7 being hurt…I would rather be 1-2 with a healthy Ben

Emma Nutt ‏@Emzicles12
Hope your injury doesn’t keep you out for long @_BigBen7 we need you. Praying for a quick recovery #GetWellSoonBen #steelernation

“Prayers first and foremost for your health and your family.”— Dorothy Ripper Staub

Jamie Harding ‏@jamiekharding
When a W feels like a really big L. Get well soon, @_BigBen7. #weneedyou

Seabeewife26 ‏@ChristyNelsen
Hate to see @_BigBen7 go down. Prayers going up for the big guy. They breed us tough in Findlay!!

Cathy H ‏@girlzrok9798
@steelers My friend, Delta Dave was at the game & this is for @_BigBen7 Get well we need u!

“So sorry you got hurt Ben. I will pray for you. Hope you get back in line up soon.” — Clara Jean John Yerick

Kelly Shearer ‏@Budkat8
@_BigBen7 praying for quick healing & recovery…we need our leader, hard to win without the best QB in the league!!!! #GetWellSoonBen

“Prayers and best wishes for the best quarterback ever!” — Joe Sherry Hamilton

Dalton Grimm ‏@dgrimm86
@_BigBen7 stay strong brother youll be fine. You’re the toughest player in the league

Juuly D’ Cena ‏@JuulyDcena
GET WELL SOON @_BigBen7 I’m very proud of you!!! We love you!!! #HereWeGo

“I was at the Rams game today and it broke my heart to see Ben go down like that. A mountain of prayers and good wishes from my family are coming your way. We love you!” — Vicki Rizzo

Steel Curtain ‏@SteelCurtain415
@_BigBen7 is a tough ole s.o.b. whatever the outcome of his mri is we will stand with him #SteelersNation #InBenWeTrust #GetWellBigFella

“Get better Big Man I really hate this happened to you because I know personal awards don’t mean a lot to you because you are a team Guy. But you were on pace for a well deserved and long overdue MVP award this season.” — Henderson Thomas

From Mexico:

Regios de Acero ‏@regiosdacero
Get well @_BigBen7 ! for you. #RegiosDeAcero #Steelers fan club #Monterrey #Mexico #HereWeGo

Acero Americano ✦✧✦ ‏@AceroAmericano
Hey @_BigBen7 … Stay Strong!!!! You’re a warrior. A Steel Warrior. Get well soon, captain

From Canada:

Kyle Valanne ‏@kvalanne
@_BigBen7 Canadian @steelers fan hoping to see you back quickly. Get healthy!

From Australia:

@_BigBen7 from all your supporters in Australia hope it’s not too serious mate and a speedy recovery

From Switzerland:

Simone Tamborini ‏@tamba7
Get well soon @_BigBen7 Hope is not a bad injury. Prayers from Switzerland!!

And from Germany:

“Best wishes from Pittsburgh Steeler Nation Germany – get well soon.” Pittsburgh Steeler Nation Germany

“Thoughts and Prayers are with you Big Ben!! God Bless you and your beautiful family.” — Janet Montgomery

Jackson Carpenter ‏@Jsmoovelover
@_BigBen7 we love you! get well we are all praying! #InBenWeTrust

“Much love and prayers Ben!” — Kelly Wilson

“Prayers to you Big Ben total accident today but you are a Strong Man. GO STEELERS! WE LOVE U! BEST QB HANDS DOWN! BEEN A STEELERS GIRL SINCE I WAS 11. GOD BLESS YOU BEN GET WELL SOON!” — Julie Tallon

“All of Steeler Nation is praying for you! We wish you a speedy and complete recovery. We know how much you love to be on that field. Much love to you, Ben!” — Linda Finney

Thank you to everyone who took the time to tweet and post and email your thoughts & prayers – wish we had the room to post them all!!

Ben’s teammates also react to his injury here.