…have been pouring in for Ben via email, the website’s Facebook page and the Twitter page.

Here is just a small sample of the many received:

From around the globe –

“Much love, support & prayers to you Ben. We know you will overcome this like you have so many times before and we will always stand beside you.

Thank you for all you do for our STEELERS. I’m an Army wife living in Germany & watching you and our guys helps me feel closer to home.” — Sarah Mashino, Germany (photo at left)

“All #Mexican Steelers family praying for a speed recovery!!! ” — Alan ‏@alansteel

“Prays from Brazil! You are my favorite player, guy. Hope you are ok and get back fast to the game!” — Ricardo Resende ‏@rickresende

“Prayers from Ireland (we have direct line to God!) for Ben & the family to get well soon! Come back stronger! ” –Anthony Kieran ‏@anthonykieran

“Mexican fans sorry your absent in the next games, but we know your health is the most important thing. Our best wishes for you Ben!” — Horacio Manchinelly ‏@Horac70

“Get better, big guy. Sending you love all the way from Scotland!” — Sammie Jay Craig ‏@MrsSJCraigx

“Get well soon and our prayers for your recovery!” — Antonio Brown México ‏@ 84BrownMexico, Cuenta Oficial de Fans de Antonio Brown #84 en México

“No games until it’s healed! No win is worth a life-threatening injury. Get well soon!” — Nils Schilling, Hamburg, Germany

“I was watching the game (suffering would probably be a better verb) and I remain quite concerned about Ben’s sprain. Please let him know I wish him a speedy recovery so he can get back and take the Steelers to the Super Bowl in what has been probably his best season , one in which I think he should be an MVP candidate!” — Martha B. Martinez, Mexico

Closer to home –

“I’m sure the players will be focused on winning for Ben!! He is a fighter!! GO STEELERS!!” — Candice Jackson @CandySteelerina (photo at left)

“Thoughts and prayers to the Big Guy for his rocket right arm.” — Rianna Bryceland, New Jersey

“BIG BEN, my son cried when you were hurt and I explained that you weren’t playing for the rest of the game. He got mad and went to his room. It was sad and funny all at the same time. He is 4-years old and just started to really like football… anyway thank you and keep up the good work. Best wishes and get well soon. We’ll miss you. ” — The Mahoney Family, Boise, Idaho

“Pass along best wishes for a speedy recovery from myself and my family to Ben after last night’s shoulder injury, that would be great. Also very best wishes to the expectant mother and father!

Ben Roethlisberger gives his all for the team and the fans. The World’s leaders should take a lesson from him. I think most people recognize the tremendous pool of star players on the team and Ben is part of that team, not a stand alone hot-shot, something most QB’s can not fully claim.”— Richard Dumnick

“Ben, please take however long it takes for you to heal completely. This is much more serious than your past injuries. We know you have the heart & drive of a true winner, you’ve proven that over & over, but your health is way more important to Steeler Nation than any win. We all love you and will stand behind Byron and the rest of the team. God bless you, and congrats to you and Ashley on your son.” — Ann Walters

“Please, please extend my sincerest wishes for Ben’s full recovery. I can’t even imagine how much pain he is in. This is the first time I have been able to write and visit the site in nearly 3 weeks due to the storm effects here in New Jersey. We lost power here for more than 2 weeks and have been dealing with the mess and loss of a lot of personal possessions. However, Ben’s injury puts everything in perspective. I am anxious to get back to the website and catch up on everything I was missing. Thank you as always for all of the updates and please wish Ben and his family all the best. All my love and support!

“Just a quick footnote – without power, we had no phone or internet, but at least we had our local paper. One day, a story appeared about a large trailer of relief supplies provided by Jergel’s Rhythm Grille. Knowing that Ben hosted his Foundation Fundraiser there, I had to smile at how wonderful everyone was to help out. Sometimes, it is the little things that get you through the day. Thanks again.” — Maria Van Buskirk, NJ

“Wearing my Ben jersey with pride today! Prayers for a quick and full recovery! Rather have you down the line than in these next games!” — Maddie Mulinaro, IN (photo at left)

“Forget football. Get healthy for your new wife and baby boy on the way. That is what really matters.” — Tim Ferguson

“Even though I was looking forward to you beating the Ravens on Sunday to shut my office up, I would rather you be healthy to enjoy your life with your Ashley & the little one that’s on the way. Take care of yourself & be patient. Your life & health is more important than the game of football.

“ ‘May your joys be as bright as the morning, and your sorrows merely be shadows that fade in the sunlight of love. May you have enough happiness to keep you sweet, enough trials to keep you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to keep you.’ ” Marilyn ” — Marilyn McClellan, Baltimore, MD

“Hoping for a full recovery, not worried about him playing football or the team right now, just about him as a person in getting better and having a full recovery!!” — Simona Dodson

“I am continuing to pray for your speedy, complete recovery and that our awesome and gracious God will ease your pain and discomfort as you heal. Football aside, we love you and want nothing but the best for you and your family. Please feel better soon!” — Anita Doddroe, PA

“Hang in there and heal quickly! I have followed your career since Findlay! I was thrilled when my Steelers drafted you! #STEELERS” — William Antonoplos ‏@governor101478

“Fan since I was 15-yeard old. I have lived though Bradshaw, Stewart and others, but you are what we have been waiting for since Bradshaw. Hope you feel better, thank you for your service to our Steelers.” — Deidre Moore

“Praying for you,Ben!! Get well soon…Don’t rush it cause Ashley and the baby need you. Steeler Nation Loves you!!!!!! ” — Shirley Timmons

“Dear Ben, Please get well soon, you are in our thoughts & prayers! Thank you & have a Blessed Day.” — Karen Little, McSherrystown, PA

“Health & Family 1st! Well wishes & prayers for you guys!” — PJ Sakmar

“Take care of yourself, I love football and the Steelers, but your health and life is more important. Steeler Nation has seen you play with so many injuries, we know this is for real or you would be playing Sunday. So you will be in my prayers to heal completely before you step on that green grass.” — Darlene Dunstan

“Just wanted to say that I hope Ben knows that he has so many fans praying for his recovery!” — Amanda Wolfe

“Ben, You are a true warrior, and your incredible ability and toughness have earned the respect of your teammates, fans and opponents! Now, you need to take care of yourself! Your fans want you to take the time to heal, and come back strong! My thoughts and prayers are with you, Ashley, and the baby who’s on the way! God speed and best wishes.” — Jan Banko, PA

“Big Ben…my QB! Just want to wish you tons of love and support at this time. I pray daily that you will recover quickly and completely and that you may know that we wish the best for you, Ashley and the baby. This is the part of football that is the toughest but it is you and what you do…so we accept it and take it with all the good. You’re not only the best QB in the world…you’re a wonderful person and will be one of the greatest fathers too! Get Well Ben, nothing will be the same without you in the games but we know your spirit will be out there making TD’s for us!! God Bless you now and always.” — Mary Rafail and family, St George, Utah

“@_BigBen7, when I broke the news to my daughter Summer that Big Ben got hurt this morning. She wanted to cry.” — Brad Toussaint ‏@tous14 (that’s Summer in the photo at left)

“Prayers to Ben and his family, and for God’s sake, PLEASE take the time to heal! This is not an ankle injury, and it needs a LOT of time!” — David Kaufman

“Wishing you a speedy, complete recovery. Your health and life is more important than anything…Steeler Nation is behind you 100%!” — Donna Marie Willow

“Out of all the hits he’s taken over the years the one that didn’t look that bad ends up being the worst. Get well soon. There’s more important things than football.” — Brad Berry

“A tear fell from my face when I saw @_BigBen7 get injured. Praying he recovers soon.” — Betty Beltran ‏@Betty__Beltran

“Sending out prayers that Ben gets well soon – we can’t afford to go games without him. So disappointed that this happened to him when he was having such an awesome season. Hopefully recovery time is minimal and we’ll see him playing again soon. ” — Wendy Hodges

“Wow! Football just got less important for real!!!!” — Eric Horn

“Ben, I know you will overcome this adversity because that’s just who you are, you push through the pain and never quit, you come out fighting for Steeler Nation; however, we know this time it’s not that simple. So no matter how much we will miss you on the field Sunday, your life is much more important then any football game!! Praying for a complete healing and know God will give you the strength in whatever life throws at you. God Bless!” — Billie Jo & Greg Yakubik, Pittsburgh PA

“Please tell Ben his number one fan in Ohio says ‘get well soon’!!!” — Jasmine Chianna (photo at left)

“Praying for complete healing for the birth of a healthy baby and healthy mama! Get well, Ben!” — Jay Rainaldi

“Get well soon Big Man, We are going to miss you on the field but your health is more important.” — Brenton Lucas ‏@BrentonLucas94

“Praying for #7!!! Life is more important than football. Hope he gets well soon! ” — Jay Wilson

“Prayers go out to Ben. Get well soon Big Guy. The rest of the team will carry on till your ready to return. It’s gonna be a rough road but I believe. ” — K.C. Williamson

“Remember you always have the support of Steeler Nation, Ben. You have to take care of YOU, because no one else can.” — Sarah Nicholson-Haines

“Praying for a speedy and complete recovery. Sending love your way to you, Ashley and your baby!” — Janis Olson, Penfield, NY

“We love you Ben and pray that God touches and heals your needs!!! You are the BEST #7, so we want nothing more then the BEST for you!!!! Congrats early to you and your wife and that precious baby boy!!!— Missy Crouthers

“Please pass on our prayers and best wishes to Ben and family. NOTHING is more important than his life! Keeping him/them in my thoughts and prayers and hoping he is okay. There is not any win that is worth his life.” — Tammy Devine Palmer

“Football is of little concern. Get better Ben and worry only about that! You are about to embark on a much more important journey….fatherhood!!! You will ALWAYS have the support of Steeler Nation, whether you are playing or not! — Nicole Ciufo

“@_BigBen7 Get well soon Big Man, We are going to miss you on the field but your health is more important #SteelerNation #GetWellBen” — Brenton Lucas ‏@BrentonLucas94

“We are all praying for your healthy recovery Ben, no football game is worth risking your life for. You have a beautiful wife and soon will have a beautiful son to have and love for all time. Love you Ben!” — Cheryl M. Halstead

“Get better Big Ben!! Steeler Nation needs you!!!” — Tom Rickey, Sr.

And even from fans of rival teams –

‘Hey, die-hard Ravens fan here. But we all hope you get well soon and our prayers are out to you.” — Sofia Ahmad

“Ben, I’m a Niners fan and hope you get better soon! You make the NFL better with you playing. I like your grit and you’re a tough dude!” — William Fenili ‏@WilliamFenili

“Die-hard Cowboys fan here, but I really hope you get well soon!!!” — Julio Cortes ‏@juliocortes03

“Ben: Even though I am a Ravens fan, you are one of my favorite football players period. You are very competitive and give us pure H*LL!! Get well soon so that you can give us more H*ll. Please take care of yourself!” — Harold Fortune

“I’m a huge Ravens fan but praying for a speed recovery! This weekend won’t be the same without you on the field!” — Bobby Strausser ‏@bmore_original1

“I’m not a Steelers fan, I’m a Cowboys fan. This injury is very unfortunate but I wish the big guy a speedy recovery, I look up to Ben for his toughness and hope to see him back for our game – The Cowboys vs The Steelers. Get well Ben!”— Denzel Mitchell

“@_BigBen7 huge Ravens fan here. I really hope you get well soon. Don’t like seeing any player, no matter the team they play for, get hurt.” — Ambreen Chaudhry ‏@BreeBee1225

As well as a few friends –

“Don’t hear about those aorta-jarring hits too often. Get well, Big Ben.” — Rich Eisen, NFL Network @richeisen

“Keep the Faith Big Fella, Hope you feel better soon. #Getwellkid” — Mark Murphy, Golf Channel “Big Break Ireland” @MarkMurphyGolf (photo at left)

“Really wish my man Ben Roethlisberger the very best. We take his bull-rider toughness for granted. Safe return. #Steelers #champion” — George Whitfield Jr., Whitfield Football @georgewhitfield

“Thoughts and prayers to @_BigBen7 and his family!!” — Dan Jergel, Jergels Rhythm Grille @DJergs

*Thank you so much to everyone who sent messages this week!!!