Can I ask you to help me with my Halloween costume this year? — Benjamin, Jr.

This is one of those tough decisions a guy has to make, and I need Steeler Nation’s opinion because I just can’t make up my mind:

So, should I go trick or treating as my favorite comic book super hero, Spiderman?

Or, should I go as Olaf the Snowman from one of my favorite movies, “Frozen”?

Can you email Miss Erin at and let her know which one you’d choose? (She’s a lot better at counting that high).

She’ll keep this on the home page and then tell me which costume won (you’ve got ’til next week to let her know) and I’ll have my dad take a photo of me in the winner on Halloween night so you guys can see it!!

(I’m just hoping my mom doesn’t see this post AND ME riding a bike in the house or both me and dad are gonna be in big trouble! Keep that part between us, okay?)