THE 7´s: one of main traditions of Regios de Acero”

“We are a BIG fans! Since 2012 the Regios de Acero Steelers Fan Club celebrates the Steelers fan photo. It takes place the Sunday before the Steelers season kickoff.”

“By 2013, more clubs around Mexico replicated this tradition and today, by the effort of all the Steelers fans of México, it’s a world event recognized by the Pittburgh Steelers organization.”

“Regios de Acero is coordinated by Roger Saucedo, Chuy Vera, and Omar Santos and we can say this is the most iconic club of Steelers fans in México.”

“One of the main traditions of Regios de Acero annual photo is the one called “The 7’s”: a photo where all the fans who wear the jersey of the Pittsburgh Steelers QB, Ben Roethlisberger, get together in his honor.”

“In Regios de Acero we are proud to be Steelers fans, we are proud of our Captain Big Ben, we are Big fans and we are ready to support our team!” — Roger Saucedo.

Thank you to Roger Saucedo & the members of Regios de Acero for sharing their great “photo day” with us once again! It’s a tradition we always look forward to!

And we can’t forget our friends, “Black & Yellow Saltillo”:

Thank you to Kike Hernandez for sending this great “team” photo of the fans of Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico!