So Steeler Nation Unite changed this past Wednesday into BensDay (which totally works for us!) and tweeted out several photos of folks “rockin’ the #7”.

These fans decided to share their #7 photos as well. If we waited til’ Friday to post them…will it give the Steelers that lucky #7 kinda vibe right through the end of the weekend?

Jeff_SteelDreems7 @JeffDarone
@SteelersUnite #SNUproud #SNUThrowback
Throwing it back @_BigBen7 style 😎

Retta Timmons @ImagineMeLLC
@SteelersUnite @_BigBen7 @steelers
Reppin the 412 in the 410. It’s Ben’s Day. My favorite, tough as nails qb. #GoSteelers

davidK786 @davidK786
@SteelersUnite @_BigBen7 @steelers
Always showing off my support for my quarterback Big Ben. #BensDay #HereWeGo

Regios de Acero @RegiosdAcero
Yes, today is #BensDay! #HereWeGo @steelers @acereros @_BigBen7

(Now that’s A LOT of #7’s!)

Fingers are crossed that it does! Go Steelers!