And we’re starting off with these two adorable youngsters who are always ready to cheer for the home team…even if they’re not actually at the home of the home team:

Three-year old John and six-year old Isabella are representing Steeler Nation all the way from White Plains, New York.

Photo Submitted by their mom, Jennifer Greco.

“So how long will Big Ben be out? I sure do miss him!”

“Me too! I’m hearing until at least OTAs!”

“Oh boy! We’re gonna need new cheerleading outfits, we’ll have outgrown these by then!”

Photo submitted by Marisa / @MimiAcqua

Stella Mae is only four years old, but she wants Big Ben to know that she’s already his BIGGEST fan…in fact, she’s SHOUTING it for the world to know!!

Photo submitted by Damien Luvara

“My boys stay gold ponyboy
Black & Gold!” — Kori Michael.

Yes, this is the first time we’ve had the opportunity to add a quote from the movie, “The Outsiders“!

kelly @bugbromilow
Dress as your career day for Cole at school. This 3rd grader chose to be a football player for his favorite team. Go Steelers! #puthimincoach @steelers @_BigBen7

And lastly, we have a cleat thief caught red hand…uh footed!

While her mother, grandmother and Aunt Erin were busy making dinner, two-year old Maeve spied a pair of Ben’s cleats in a box that he had just given me to mail out. Naturally, she just HAD to put them on and clickity-click her way around the house!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “They put those on her just for Ben’s website!”:

Nope. She is a known shoe (and sometimes sock & even sunglasses) stealer from way back! But if you’re going to continue to steal shoes, they might as well be Steelers shoes.🤭 #GoForTheGold #MakeThatBlackAndGold