like our friend, Dave DiCello!

Just a few of his iconic Christmas photographs (and our favorites):

“Every year around this time, this image skyrockets to one of the most popular images on my portfolio site. I gotta admit, it’s definitely one of my favorite snowy images of Pittsburgh, with just the incline visible during a complete whiteout.”

“Even with the rain, I ventured into Pittsburgh this morning to capture the holiday decorations, hoping for some reflections on the wet streets. In this view, star shaped lights illuminate the path to the tree at PPG Place, with the dreary weather creating a moody atmosphere.”

“I swear, the holiday show at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh gets more and more colorful every year, and this year was no exception. It look absolutely spectacular tonight, lit up with a rainbow of lights, making for this picturesque view as people rushed in and out.”

“What a sight in Pittsburgh this morning: the Christmas tree at the Point stands out against PPG Place and a clear blue sky, with the star atop the tree acting like another spire atop the distinctive building. Definitely one of my new favorite holiday images.”

“Most of the selective color images that I do of Pittsburgh revolve around the black and gold theme. However this aerial from last week was just too perfect to not highlight the Christmas tree at the Point. It almost looks like it’s coming right off the screen.”

Told ya they were beautiful!!

Also: We want to thank Dave once again for allowing us to use one of his photographs as the profile picture on Ben’s Facebook page and his Twitter page!

You can see all of Dave’s work behind the camera on his website, his Facebook page, Twitter page & on Etsy, or visit his gallery in person at Fifth Avenue Place in downtown Pittsburgh!