“The hits keep coming for Ben Roethlisberger — late hits, low hits, cheap hits. But he won’t complain, and for good reason. See who is complaining.” — Jim Wexell.

From an article written by Mr. Wexell today at SteelCityInsider.net:

The Steelers’ quarterback was hit late after his first pass of his first preseason game this season, and then was hit late after his first pass of his second preseason game.

After both plays, replays showed the referee clearly eyeballing the late hit, but neither time did he throw a flag.

Roethlisberger was asked Tuesday whether he wanted to comment, but he chose to keep quiet.

So, what is it with the officiating in this alleged era of safety? Why does the Steelers’ quarterback continue to take a pounding and yet no one has anything to say about it?

You can read what some of Ben’s teammates have to say about it here.

*Thank you to Mr Wexell.