And what better way to celebrate “wedding season” than with some Steelers-inspired wedding celebrations?

Edgar & Claudia ~

“First, I would like to thank you again for posting our small wedding video on the Ben site Facebook page. It was the perfect aniversary gift, I’m still smiling about that. It is a pleasure to share these pictures with you. You can see our special custom wedding towel and our invitations as well. By the way, if you saw the film “Mask of Zorro” with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, some photos were taken at the same “hacienda” where we celebrated our wedding.” — Edgar Gonzalez Avila

You can see more of Edgar & Claudia’s beautiful wedding here (bottom of page 1 and on to page 2).

A “thank you” to Ben from Bryan & Sara ~

“A year ago my wife, Sara, and I got married at The Ritz Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. During the ceremony our ring bearer used a Pittsburgh Steelers football (signed by our wedding party) to carry our rings down the aisle – as diehard fans we had to incorporate the Steelers in some way.

After planning our return trip to celebrate our one year anniversary I contacted our Ritz Wedding Coordinator, Debbie Southworth, and asked about the possibility of getting Ben to sign our ball. We really did not have high expectations, but I knew Ben spent time here in the spring and has always been great to his fans. As luck would have it Debbie came through and greeted us with the ball (she had found Ben on the golf course and said that he was happy to sign it). Honestly having Ben’s autograph on our wedding football just put an exclamation point on our weekend before it even began.

We did not think our anniversary weekend could have gotten better – but it did.

That evening Sara and I had reservations at Linger Longer Steakhouse and as we began our main course we recognized a familiar group being seated about 20 feet from us – it was Ben and a handful of RBs/WRs. We could not believe this was actually happening, and as a lifelong fan I felt like a little kid again. After we finished our dinner (and Ben’s table had not yet been served) we knew we had about a minute to do something. So we approached their table and I quickly introduced myself to Ben and thanked him for signing our ball. He could not have been nicer or more sincere in congratulating Sara and I on our wedding and the whole table was great too. After our brief chat we apologized for interrupting their meal and promptly left for our hotel.

I am not sure if we will ever have the opportunity to meet Ben again, but I do know Steeler Nation could not be more proud to have Ben as our leader. We look forward to continuing to support and cheer for our Steelers. Here we go!” — Bryan Antic

You can see larger versions of Bryan & Sara’s photos here.

Eric & Amanda ~

“We had our Black and Gold wedding on September 6th, 2014. Along with our bridal party, we waved Terrible Towels to the song, ‘Renegade’ as we entered the reception! We went to Heinz Field on September 7th to watch the Steelers win against the Browns (30-27) for our honeymoon!” — Amanda Mann

Eric and Amanda even “sported” their favorite Pittsburgh team logos in their engagement photo….and look closer: Amanda wore her Big Ben autographed Nike shoe that she won as our Birthday Wishes drawing winner in December of 2011!

You can see more of their wonderful wedding photos here.