Accompanied by some great photos from the 2010 season!

Ben, good luck in the game this weekend. We know you will do Great!

Here is a picture of my husband Bill Ellis, Colonel USAF. He is currently serving in Qatar and moving to Afghanistan on Monday. I wanted to send you this photo in a way to tribute him too. He works so hard and has been a loyal Steelers’ fan since he was 7 years old. We all appreciate you and the Team! Thanks so much. God’s speed with your game against the Jets. You will win! — Susan, Shannon, Connor and Colleen Ellis (the photo of Colonel Ellis was taken on the roof of Saddam Hussain’s palace in Baghdad).

Best of luck on your game Go Steelers — Earl Wilkinson

Go Steelers!! Knocking on 7’s door!! — Karen, PA

I love to watch Big Ben and the whole team play whether its on a big screen or at game. Ben keeps me on the edge every step of the way! I wish the best of luck to the whole team by winning SuperBowl XLV! You guys have awesome team work! Lets see it to the fullest against the Jets! Go Steelers! — Natalie, Atlanta, GA

Best of luck this week to Ben and the Steelers. Let’s bring home ring number 7 for ole number 7. — Rich P., Memphis, TN

Just sending a shout out to Ben from Wintersville, OH only about 25 minutes from the Burgh!! You have overcome so much….YOU deserve this! We believe in #7 to take us to 7th Heaven!!!!! Luv ya big guy! — Kelly and Karli, Wintersville, OH

Best of luck guys. I have been a huge Steelers fan since age 9. I am now 47. You guys make us proud to be fans. Lets get #7. — Phil Payne, Hiddenite, NC

Hi! Just wanted to say good luck, and I hope we watch you guys in the Super Bowl again. There are a lot of Steeler fans here in California, and I love to show our spirit all year but I can’t wear your jersey all the time cause when I do – you guys lose! So I’m jersey free till the end of the season, so HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO…. Please help us put the Raider fans in their place. Thanks for making me so proud to be a Steeler fan. — Mary, California

Big Ben, good luck this Sunday. Just please remind your team not to take the game or the Jets for granted, they did something no other team in the NFL did this year, they’re the only team to beat the Patriots twice, don’t underestimate that accomplishment. Bring your “A” game, I getting a new Steelers tattoo if you guys win the Super Bowl. Rock on Steeler Nation! — Jeffrey M. Ghiotto

Ben, we can’t wait to watch you and the rest of the Steelers play like the champions you are. Let’s send the Jets flying back to NY cryin’ the blues! — Sue, Chambersburg, PA

Hi Ben, I’m your biggest supporter!! I have never wavered in my support for you…I have always worn your jersey and I have always been in your corner. Stand tall, Ben!!! Steeler Nation is counting on you! Even if you don’t win, it’s ok, we will still love you!! — Kim, Manassas, VA

How yins doin? My name is Dylan Broady. I live in north vernon indiana. About an hour or so away from indy. I hear a lot of talk from the blue and white around here. I wanna wish ben and our team a great game Sunday. Bring home number 7 boys. From the nation in indy. — Dylan B, Indiana

Erin, I would like to wish Ben and all the Steelers the best of luck Sunday! I know they can come out with a victory and get to the SB and win it. They are a fantastic team and Ben is an elite quarterback. They have done great this season and can go all the way! I also want to say that Sunday is my birthday and all I want is a Steelers’ win!!! Come on guys! You can do it! — Brandy Goldsboro, NC

Just to let you know that the Steelers have a tremendous fan base north of the border and we’re rooting for you! — Pam, a Canadian Steelers fan

Ben, good luck, but I dont think you need it. You’re the BEST !!!! Love You!! — Madison K., Toledo, Iowa

Well Kid, It seems to us that you and the Steelers are not getting a fair assessment by the media and the NFL officials. My husband and I have been following your progress since the draft and we have seen you grow up. My sincere wishes is that you and team mates make it to Super Bowl XLV. Go Ben!, Go Steelers! — Mr. and Mrs. Terrill

As a lifelong Steeler fan I would like to extend best wishes and God’s speed to Ben and the entire team. I pray this go round Ben doesn’t sustain any injuries. I’m exceptional proud of the way Ben has matured as a person this season. It’s always good to see a man put bad issues behind and continue to strive for excellence. I’m sure his dad is especially proud. On the field he look great and no doubt one day will match the number of rings as Terry Bradshaw. I wish I could make the game but I’m sure Steeler Nation will be out in full force and the electricity at Heinz field will aid in another Steelers victory over the Ravens. Go Steelers!! — Glenn M. Smith

Good luck to Ben & of course to the whole Steelers organization!!! 5 AFC Championship games in 10 years!! Go Steelers!!! — Michele Goldberg, Ft. Laurderdale

Good luck to Ben and the rest of the Steelers! Here’s to hoping that 7 brings us Lombardi #7! — Heather, WVA

First off, I just have to say that I am a huge Steelers fan and it is awesome to be a part of Steeler Nation! Congratulations to Ben and the Steelers on a great season so far! The perfect ending to the season would be a victory in Dallas! Good luck against the Jets and good luck for the superbowl! I know you can do it! Get us to 7th Heaven and bring home that 7th ring!! — Amanda, Fairmount City, PA

Hey Ben, Congrats on your great season so far. Let’s win two more games. I just wanna say, you really turned yourself around and it hasn’t looked like it has been affecting you. Thanks for the great year for Steelers nation. GO BUCKEYES!!! GO STEELERS!!! — Zack Zatezalo, parts unknown

Mr. Roethlisberger, My name is Cole Elliott and I am from Derby, Kansas. I wanted to write you today and wish you luck against the Jets this Sunday. I have been a loyal fan since I was a young kid growing up watching the Steelers with my Dad who also grew up watching the Steelers in the 70’s. It’s in my blood! I wanted to write today and let you that since the day the Steelers drafted you in 04′ I have been a huge fan of yours and have always looked at you as one of the greatest players in the league. You are not just a quarterback, you are a football player and you are by far the toughest quarterback in the NFL. I admire the way that you play the position and love to watch you every Sunday. You are a warrior on the Football Field. I believe after you win your 3rd ring this year you will be without a doubt be a First Ballot Hall of Famer and will go down as one of the Greatest to ever play the position. Good luck to you Ben, and if you make it to Super Bowl 45 I am making the trip to Dallas! — Cole Elliott

Dear Steelers players and staff, I sincerely wish you all the best. I am a nurse in Raleigh, North Carolina, and my husband bought me a colorful Steelers jacket a few years ago, being a fanatic fan. Well, today on the walk into the building I had more than a few people tell me they loved the jacket, and the team. My family and I are praying for your continued success, not only on the field, but also off the field. Being a professional athlete is very demanding. May God bless you all. Here we go Steelers, Here we go!!! — Eileen

Ben and Steelers, I want to wish you lots of luck on the game. Since I am from Tx I am the only steelers fan in my family so I can’t wait to see you at the Superbowl. Ben my support for you has never waiverd and I will continue to support you. You are an inspiration to me. — Melisa Martinez, Bastrop, TX

Ben is a great player. He makes plays in and out of the pocket. He takes hits. Most quarterbacks don’t do that. That is what makes him great. — Jordan Gray, New Wilmington, PA

Good luck, Ben and the team!! I can’t wait to watch you this weekend!! — Brittany, PA

To Ben and the Steelers: Congratulations! You’ve had an amazing season so far and deserve all the success that’s come your way. Whatever you’ve been doing seems to work really well so keep up the good work. I’d sure love to see you in the Superbowl… again! Best of luck, let your skills shine through, and have some fun! — Sarah, Minnesota

PS: It would be super awesome if everyone with a playoff beard got together and posed for a beard photo!

Ben and the Steelers, I’m a huge fan, and I live in a tiny town in Maryland. I do not get all of your games, but when I do, I am excited to watch! This season has been awesome, but it is only getting better! I’m very proud to call myself a loyal fan, for life. I have faith and confidence in every one of you, and remember, don’t give up!! Let’s go get Lombardi #7, and even sweeter, let’s get #7 for our #7 for his 7th season! Let’s play Steeler football! Go Steelers! — Misty, Hancock, MD

I await every Steelers season with great anticipation, knowing there’s a real chance you’ll win it all. Troy — You are just awesome, a game changer. Ryan — I admire your passion and your humor, (and thanks for giving me an autograph once upon a time). James Farrior — You are the indispensable leader of the defense. Mike Wallace — sometimes you just take my breath away! And Ben. I absolutely love watching you play. Your leadership, skill and competitive spirit always give the Steelers the best chance to be great. Bring home number 7, men! Good luck — Go Steelers! — Jan, PA

To Ben and all my Steelers…congrats on a great season and making it to the championship !!!! I am always so proud to be a Steelers gal, and I know you guys can go all the way…once again ! Love you guys and I will be cheering you on from WV. GO STEELERS !!!!!! — Tina, St.Albans, WV

Not only do I have a Steeler related email address but I named my cat Steeler who is 10 months old. So now on game day along with my 3 year old nephew Ethan Mickey we all cheer the Steelers onto victory. Go Steelers!! Good Luck Ben and the rest of the team. We love you!!! — Susan Eppard, York, PA

The best of games guys and Big Ben. All of Steelers Nation are supporting you, including in other places outside US, like me! I’m from Gdl, Mexico. — Jean Michelle, Mexico

Good luck Ben on Sunday Night! Can’t wait to see you and the Steelers in Dallas! We love you guys! — Marie Thompson, Clearfield, PA

Hi Ben. Congratulations on making it to the AFC Championship Game. I am so excited for you and the rest of the team. You have all worked so hard through all the injuries. Keep up the good work and keep smiling! — Jill, Cincinnati

Good luck to Ben and the Steelers in their game against the Jets!! Ben, I hope you have a great game! — Anita Doddroe, Canal Winchester, OH

We are so proud of you, Ben. Always looking forward; never diverting from the goal; always a warrior and a fair-minded winner. WE LOVE YOU! Go Steelers! — Karen & Dan, Wheeling, WV

I was so very lucky to be at the game last week. Wow is all I can say. I am so proud to be a Steelers fan. I am also proud to be a fan of #7. There is no one else I’d rather have as our quarterback. I have supported him since day one and will continue to do so. I just love Steelers football. GO STEELERS…GO BEN!!! — Deb Lantz, Gallitzin, PA

Congratulations Ben on an amazing season and best of luck this Sunday against the Jets… Go Steelers! — Billie Jo and Greg, Pittsburgh, PA

With humility, grace, dignity and faith you have proven your worth, not only as a tremendous athlete, but as stellar human being – Good Luck to you and your Incredible teammates as you continue this AMAZING RIDE – GOD BLESS. — Teri, North Huntingdon, PA

Ben, Good Luck on Sunday!! Since I worked last weekend and missed the game I can’t wait to sit and watch the game this week. So go out there and show those Jets why you are an awesome QB! GOOD LUCK to the whole team, bring home another AFC Championship, and kick some butt!!! — Lisa, Monaca, PA

As fans, we never gave up during the Steelers/Ravens game, and we’re ready to cheer the team to another victory against the Jets. We want another Superbowl win for Big Ben and the Steelers as much as they want it for themselves. Ben made me a football fan, and I love to watch him play. GO STEELERS!!! — Kim, Harrisburg, PA

Thank you guys for the awesome season. I hope that it continues for the next three weeks. Everyone came together when it mattered the most and regardless of the outcome no one pointed the blame at someone else. Anyone would be proud to be a Steelers fan. Good luck against the Jets. The best team will win. My two year old daughter is a huge fan of Ben and just had to get staples in the back of her head. So she said she wants the Ben Steelers (that is what she calls them) to win so her head feels better. Hope that is a little extra motivation for you guys. Good luck and thanks for the great season. — Matt, Cassie, Maddie and Bianca Wellen

Hey Ben – I live in NE PA and have been a Steelers fan since I was old enough to know what football was all about. Even though I see a lot of Eagles jackets here, I think the Steelers paraphernalia outnumber them, as it should. Lots of luck to you and the guys on Sunday. I love your ‘never give up’ and ‘never say never’ attitude! I just wish I was as calm and cool as you because you all kill me dead every week. Please have a heart and take it easy on me (since it is all about me, lol!) and win by a landslide. (Actually I don’t care if you win by one, just get a W!). Love you — Love the Steelers — Best wishes to you and all the guys. Go Steelers!!! — Adele G., NE PA

All my love for Ben and the Steelers ! I am wishing for the best for everyone in the team! Go Guys!! You are already champions in my heart! Ben? You’re the MAN ! — Laura, Dallas, TX

Ben, YOU ARE MY HERO! Do what you do! I love you — Susan Oglietti, Knoxville TN

Erin, I am a big fan of Ben and I want to wish Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers good luck. I hope they win this weekend. I will be watching. Ben and the Steelers are so special to me. I hope that we go to the Superbowl too! Go steelers! — Nicole C.

Messages from non-Steeler fans:

As a life long Cleveland Brown fan, I am obviously not a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but that being said, I simply have to express my admiration for the toughness, competitiveness, and leadership Ben Roethlisberger displays on the field time and time again.

Unlike many other (more hyped) quarterbacks in the league, I NEVER see the man complaining to officials or looking for a flag when he gets hit. I never see him yelling at his offensive lineman or receivers when things are not going well. What I do see is a man who stands tall in the pocket, extends plays, and continues to fight no matter what the circumstances in order to help his team win…and he has done it week after week- year after year.

Big Ben is more than just a quarterback- he is a FOOTBALL PLAYER, and the kind of player that we here in Cleveland only wish that we had. Not the flashiest.Not the prettiest. Just the TOUGHEST and the BEST. — Rocky D., Parma, OH

And from two Patriots fans:

I’ll be a Steelers fan this weekend!!!!……with all of my heart!!! — Jessica Papsedero, Boston

Not a Steelers fan but i’ll be rooting for them. The Jets need to be shut up! — Lisa Stone, MA

*Whew! Thank you to everyone who sent emails this week!!!