“The biggest thing is our thoughts and prayers are with Coach Pagano and his family and everything that he’s going through. Hopefully, he can get healthy and get back at it and I know that B.A. will do a great job of filling in for him.” — Ben referencing the news about the illness of Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano.

Highlights from Ben’s interview:

On whether he anticipates many games being decided on the final drive –

Potentially. You hope not. You hope that you can blow someone out and not have to worry about the last drive. I need to be better on the last drive. I take pride in fourth quarter comebacks and drives. I just need to be better and be ready for them.

On the idea of “needing a win” this weekend –

There’s no panic in here. It’s still a marathon, but we need to get a win. We’re playing a very good team coming in here. We’re glad to be back at home and we’ll see what we can do.

On his center, Maurkice Pouncey –

He’s the best center in the game. He’s a Pro Bowler for a reason. I’m blessed to have him.

On this weekend’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles, from the offensive side –

It’s nice being able to use the cadence at home and being able to slow down rushers, hopefully. It’s just easier to communicate. We’ll be able to use the field to our advantage and the fans. We enjoy being at home and we’ll try to take advantage of that.

You can watch the video of his interview here.