Ben is not only the most popular guy in the airport this off-season, he’s the most popular guy in the grocery store as well!

“My birthday is tomorrow and I feel like I already got my wish!” – Julie Jones, a PA native, met Ben while grocery shopping on Saturday.

“No make-up on and I meet the coolest quarterback ever,” said Julie. “Hope I have the chance to meet him one day with my family.”

What did they talk about?

“I told him how I ‘bleed black & gold’, and how I grew up going to the training camps with my dad, Marty. My dad still goes! Ben got a kick out of that. And I just thanked him for doing such a good job for the team.

“Honestly, he never hurried me, he even met my husband. Just a really cool guy. He was very personable, friendly, and made us feel like we weren’t bothering him at all. I was so nervous! My dad is so jealous!”

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