…and a what a beauty this Lil’ Fan is!


Ariana had no choice but to be a Steelers fan. Her “NaNa Rose” wouldn’t have it any other way. I always joke that she’s the smartest baby in the world and speaks over 1,000 000 languages. Lol. But, Ariana’s parents are deaf and at six months old she was signing. She truly is an amazing baby. She’s always been a happy baby and makes her NaNa very happy too! Let’s go Steelers! — Submitted by her grandmother, NaNa Rose.

And speaking of Lil’ Fans:

You could say that he’s the doctor to the stars…Steelers stars, that is!

Our great friend Dr. Ronald Cypher not only delivers great photos of the Roethlisberger family, but he also delivered Benjamin Jr. in 2012, Baylee in 2014 and Bodie in 2016.

But he sure had his hands full earlier this month delivering two more baby Steelers in the same weekend!


Jett Arman Haden was born on January 4th, and Lyon Carter Shazier was born on January 6th!


Congratulations to Joe and Sarah Haden and to Ryan Shazier & his fiancee Michelle Rodriguez on the birth of their beautiful ones! (And thank you to Dr. Cypher & the West Penn Hospital – Pittsburgh for sharing the photos!)

Have a great weekend, Steeler Nation!