Our latest adventure…

took place in Legoland! This place is AWESOME!! — Benjamin, Baylee & Bodie.


I Knight thee Sir Bodie of Roethlisberger, Guardian and High Protector of Da ‘Burgh.


Mommmmmyyy!!!! Are you sure we don’t need a pilot’s license??? Or PARACHUTES? ARGHHHHH!!! — Baylee.


Whew! This is more like it! — Baylee.


Don’t worry Aunt Carlee, I’m in TOTAL control!! Prepare for a smooth landing…with a smile! — Benjamin, Jr.


The Lovely Ladies of Legoland!


We’re not just posing for a photo with painted faces – we’re making a fashion statement! Soon, everyone will be wearing face paint!. — Benjamin & Baylee.


Speaking of fashion, who wears these green shades better? Me or my big brother back in the day? Me, right?! Come on, you can say it! Me!! Oh yeah, a true fashion icon RIGHT HERE, baby! — Bodie.


Sir Benjamin, Second Earl of Steel, prepares to joust with the Black Raven of Baltimore, on his trusty mount, Seven!


Is your Mommy & Daddy as awesome as mine? — Benjamin.


Hey Grandma!! Is that a milkshake stand over there? Oh yeah it is!! — Bodie.


We totally have room for a merry go round in our yard!! — Benjamin, Jr.

And I’m totally putting it on my birthday wish list!! — Baylee.


We had such a fun day, and we sure are glad you stopped by to see just how much fun! — Benjamin, Baylee & Bodie.

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