A special Shout Out to Pearl Sirota, one of Big Ben’s biggest fans! Pearl will turn 88-years young on Thanksgiving Day this year.

Pearl’s proud daughter, Linda Lacinski, wanted to do something special for her mom this year, and said being on Ben’s website during the week of her birthday would be the icing on the cake!

“Pearl was born and raised in New Ken (Kensington) and moved to the Dallas, Texas area to be close to me and my sister in 2004”, says Linda. “She has remained a die-hard Steelers fan, even in the heart of ‘Cowboys country’! Each Sunday, she dons her Roethlisberger jersey and watches the game at home if it’s broadcast locally. Otherwise, Pearl and I often visit a nearby sports bar to watch the game.”

But Linda tells us that her mother is very protective about her Big Ben, and worries about him on every play!

“Pearl cringes when Big Ben is sacked. She’ll say, ‘He needs better protection or he’s going to get hurt’. Everyone around us laughs!

“Last Halloween, Pearl dressed up as her favorite Steeler for a party at her retirement home (photos above). While it may be an oxymoron, she was the sweetest looking football player ever.”

And Pearl is as tough as her quarterback –

“She fell in August and had to have back surgery recently; we moved her from an independent living apartment to an assisted living apartment. She is still getting adjusted after 2 weeks in the hospital and 4 weeks at an in-patient physical rehab center. But she is determined to get back to her old self.

As for her birthday celebration?

“You can bet we will have dinner, birthday cake and dishes completed in time for kickoff on Thanksgiving. We’re looking forward to Big Ben, Troy, and the rest of the Steelers taking down the Ravens AGAIN!!! Happy Birthday MOM!!!”

Happy Birthday Pearl! Hope it is the best day ever!