“I need to play better, we’ll stick together and get things together.” — Ben.

You can listen to Ben’s full post-game interview here.

Steeler Nation had a lot to say post-game – with tweets for Ben and his teammates…but probably not what you expected! Below is just a sample:

SteelersFanatic @SteelerNicole88
@_BigBen7 Crazy game! But ya’ll came back at the end! Let next game be different! We are ALL behind you Ben!” #LOYALTY (photo above)

Kate Borthwick ‏@KateCorrieFan
Humble and powerful comments @steelers players after the game were right on #westeelbelieve @_BigBen7 @AntonioBrown84 @tpolamalu @L_Bell26

MR.Jackson ‏@ChrisTurbo
@_BigBen7 Steel Believe!

Steelerdad3 ‏@DeanSusee
Tough loss, still proud! Looking forward to next week. Go Steelers!!

Gerald Iaboni ‏@Iabonig
@_BigBen7 #Steelernation a tough loss against a tough team but won’t give up on you and your team for a strong 4 game finish to take control

11:11 ‏@Roger_Saucedo
#HereWeGo @_BigBen7 keep fighting! Win lose or tie I’m @Steelers fan ’til I die, we never throw in towel!

Chef Cherrico ‏@BGUD123456
Hey man sorry to hear about your hand bro. I know you guys lost, but keep your head up. There’s always next week

♡Steelers Country♡ ‏@____korrea
Ben although you played a tough game, you are still my champ and I will always love you

Mike Brzezicki ‏@MikeBrzezicki
@_BigBen7 tough tough game, you guys played hard all game. Get ready for cincy #steelernation

John Calgelia ‏@JohnCalgelia
@_BigBen7 same as 2005, Steelers control their season. Glad to see the team keep playing hard. Shows good attitude & character

Michael Wittman ‏@Wittman7
@MaurkicePouncey @_BigBen7 @jharrison9292 @Southcity22 @L_Bell26 we still believe let’s win the last 4 and get in!

TheMantheMytheLegend ‏@Steel_Legends
@_BigBen7 I believe in you. Keep your chin up and beat the Bengals.

Terri G. ‏@cacidou
@steelers @jharrison9292 @AntonioBrown84 @_BigBen7 @L_Bell26 @Ike_SwagginU @tpolamalu Finish the season strong for @bkeisel99

Thank you Steeler Nation!

The Steelers didn’t just lose today’s game, they lost Brett Keisel to a tricep injury! Prayers go out to #99!!