Regular followers of Ben’s site will remember Zach – he is always out there helping Ben at his ProCamps kids football camp every summer.

“We enjoy coming every year and Zach loves interacting with the kiddos. You all are amazing for giving him so many blessed memories!” — Kelly Mezger, Zach’s mother.

Unfortunately, Zach became ill yesterday with a fever & infection and was admitted to the hospital, and is still there receiving treatment.


Sending prayers to Zachery Mezger…get well quickly, buddy! We’re thinking about you!! — Ben.

If you have a Twitter account, give him a personal shout-out at @coachzman . You can befriend him on Facebook here!


Hooray for Lila Chapman! She is home from the hospital after a stay over the Christmas holiday!


Lila is Steelers Strong, so we’re not surprised!! But we sure are glad she’s out of the hospital and was able to enjoy Christmas the way it was meant to be enjoyed – at home with family!