According to the many fans that attended, Ben’s signing event at The Sports Vault in the King of Prussia Mall on Saturday afternoon was a huge success! Everyone had a great time, including the man they all came to see!

“My dad surprised me with a photo opportunity with Ben and I couldn’t have been happier! I’ve loved Ben since he was drafted, and it’s been my dream to meet him. Everything about Ben exceeded my expectations. He was so friendly and kind, and he thanked everyone and told them to have a great day after their photo was taken. I didn’t think I could like him more than I already did, but I do. I am so glad I got to be a part of his first signing in 7 years and I hope to see him again sometime soon!” — Kim Bevins

Ben signed his own game-used shoe:

We just got to the car from Ben’s signing today. So I thought I’d send a couple of photos along with our appreciation for Ben’s time. Let’s be honest, he doesn’t NEED to do these type of events. We as fans are fortunate for the opportunities. We got to the event early as we knew it would be organized chaos. The photo op was first. We had heard they sold all 100 photo ops. WOW! I’ve never seen that many sold at any event….not in the 11 years I’ve been going anyway.

Bryce decided he wanted it taken with his game worn cleat that he won in the monthly birthday drawing contest from this site. Coincidentally from our very first game in Pittsburgh. When Bryce walked up to get his photo taken with Ben, Ben asked “did you steal my shoe”? He’s so great to these kids. He could just be there to sign our items, but he does a great job interacting with not just the kids, but adults too.

We got so much attention walking around with this cleat…..another piece of Ben giving back. How many players do you see do this on a monthly basis? I’m so jealous of Bryce, lol. This cleat is more amazing than any piece I have in my collection. As the evidence shows. It was a perfect day! Thanks Ben. — Steve Bishop, NY

He signed mini-helmets:

I was fortunate enough to be at Ben Roethlisberger’s signing today. It is an incredible moment when you get a chance to meet your hero, it was a dream come true! A day I will always remember. — Michael Smith

He even signed a Steelers bass guitar:

Ben, thanks again for the autograph and picture! Go Steelers! — Dennis Hower

And he made some new friends, one of whom was surprised he wasn’t wearing his uniform:

This is my 5 year old son, Evan. We are from Harrisburg, PA. Evan was sooo excited, and had the biggest smile on his face. Just the thought that Evan told me he expected Ben would be wearing his black jersey was too cute and funny to me, as if that’s all he wears. — Barb Collins

A few more thoughts from those who attended:

“Meeting Ben today was just great…he signed a terrible towel for my patient as well (I am a physical therapist). I couldn’t help being shy and overwhelmed during my photo op, but I am glad now I have had the opportunity to see the QB I watch every weekend. He definitely represents the Midwest and talks just like any guy from Northern Ohio or Pittsburgh.” — Kathy Klein

“I have been looking forward to a chance to meet Ben for quite a while, so when I saw that he would be at the King of Prussia mall I arranged for the photo op. I must say that Ben was gracious and friendly, and truly seemed to enjoy meeting his fans. I am glad I had the opportunity! (Thanks Erin, Mollie and Tracy for your help on my adventure!” — Jan Banko, Nescopeck, PA

“Bucket List Check! After 9 years, I finally met Ben Roethlisberger.” — Carl Stresing

“I won the Sports Vaults VIP contest. I wanted to share my picture and to say that Ben is a pretty awesome guy. He is super nice and full of smiles. The whole event was fantastic and the people at Sports Vault were great. My son Seth turns two in two weeks. He loved Ben and Ben was so good with him. I can tell he’s a great dad. Seth now says that ‘Ben Raffaburger is my buddy’. It was an amazing day I will never forget!” — Michelle Rebar

“Hello Erin, Thank you so much for all the effort you have put into this website and directing us with all the information regarding the event! I had never done this and it was a total blast. I managed to make it all the way down from The Bronx New York and back in one piece. Go Steelers!” — Delia Hemmingway, NY

“Drove 10 hours from Ontario Canada to King Of Prussia to meet Ben. Great day. He is so nice.” — James Boutros, Canada

“Absolutely loved meeting Big Ben!! Best day of my life, so exciting!!” — Jill Brossman

“Hey Ben, thanks for taking the time to sign my sons football and taking a picture with us in the back room before you went out to do your signings, he was very excited. Hope you have a great year.” — David Taurino

“Well today my dream came true when I finally got to meet Ben! He was such a sweetheart! Always kept a smile on his face and was just awesome to everyone he met. I’ll never forget this day for the rest of my life!! I love you Ben and look forward to seeing you on the field!” — Kim Kraft

“Meeting Ben was an amazing experience. He was so nice and it was a dream come true for me.” — Nikki S.

“Hi! Was so cool to meet Ben today. I know he was rushed, but wished it could have been longer. I wished him well for the upcoming season and my kids, Troy and Cara, enjoyed meeting him too. Sports Vault had everything under control and ran the event smoothly. Thank you Ben and Sports Vault!!” — Jill Landis, Hatfield, PA

“I was there and enjoyed every moment! He is so good to his fans!” — Michelle Renee

“Ben was awesome. What a dream come true to shake his hand! Thank you Ben for the opportunity to meet you!” — The Himes Family

You can see more photos from the signing here!

The Sports Vault has a few photos here!

And the Himes Family videotaped Ben’s arrival! You can watch it here!

*Thank you to everyone who emailed, sent Facebook messages and tweets! Thank you once again to Pat and Anthony at The Sports Vault! It was a pleasure!