Steelers 24, Jets 19

“Just how awesome it is.” — Ben, when asked what he was thinking when he buried his face in a Championship t-shirt (new Photo of the Week above at right).

Ben, post-game:

On the Steelers’ lengthy first-quarter drive –

“That’s huge. Any time you can come out and set the tone and the tempo running the ball and throwing the ball, and move it down the field and put points on the board…as an offense it feels good, and I assume for our defense it feels good. It helps them resting and is a big boost coming onto the field.”

On how they were able to “put it all together” for the win –

“This is a team win: offense, defense, special teams. I’m just so proud of the way guys stepped up and filled in. That’s what the Pittsburgh Steelers do. We win as a team and we win as a team and we had a great win tonight. It’s not always pretty, but somehow we find a way to get it done.

“We have a lot of tenacity. We have a ‘don’t-quit’ attitude and mentality and we have a belief in each other. We’re a family, we stay close no matter what. When things go bad on offense, the defense is picking us up. If things go back on special teams, the offense and defense are picking them up. And everybody is just always there for each other. There’s never finger-pointing.”

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