Courtney Dadejko wanted to share her family’s story of a surprise meeting at a Pittsburgh-area restaurant:

Hamilton Family Reunion/Memorial 2014

Our grandmother passed away in February of 2014, and we were all able to get together for a memorial service for her on what would’ve been her 90th birthday. We had a very long day putting her to rest and remembering her life on the day of her birth, June 21st during a family reunion.

The older cousins decided to unwind at the Latitude 40 restaurant, and to our surprise we all got, what we thought, was a present from her…that’s right, Big Ben and his beautiful wife were outside on the deck! What a wonderful treat for all of us on such a sad day!

We have Steelers fan family members from all over the country in this photo, Washington, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and we all got to meet the great one together. I’d like to say thank you to Ben and Ashley for being so wonderful to us on what is for sure a day none of us Hamilton’s will ever forget! — Courtney Dadejko

*Thank you right back to the Hamilton Family for sharing their photo and story!