Just want to say thanks to all the amazing fans that were at the signing today! You made my first signing like this a very memorable one! Thank you all for the support and love, I love you all! I always say that Steeler fans are the best in the world and you proved it today, especially fans like this guy. — Ben

Ben points to the tattoo of himself on the back of fan Danny Winslow, who traveled from Newport News, VA to attend the Collectors Showcase of America Show in Chantilly, VA. Ben signed Danny’s back beneath his tattooed likeness and Danny plans on getting the autograph tattooed to his back right away!

You can see all of Ben’s photos here.

You can see fan photos from today’s event here (pages 1 & 2).

If you would like to share your photo(s) from the event, just send them in an email! (BigBen7website@gmail.com)

Some fans who attended the show sent their Thank You’s to #7:

“Thanks for signing my football Ben and taking a picture with us! All the Steelers I met today were awesome. Especially you! Thanks again!” — Rolf Blankenfeld

“What a great time! Thanks so much for coming. We love you, Ben!” — Wendy Bennett, Washington, DC

“We had an awesome day! Thank you for making my daughter in the wheelchair feel so loved,we had so much fun today. Thanks so much.” — Kathy Duncan, East Orange, NJ

“#1 QB in the league! Big Ben is the #BOSS!” — Muhammad Usman

“I just missed you today! You were behind the signing area hugging a young girl in a wheelchair! Normally I would of risked getting attacked by security to approach you but felt your time with her was a little more important!” — Konnie Kordish, VA

“Love you Ben. You were really getting in touch with your fans at this weekend’s event. You’re the best.” — Paulette Pelletier, PA

“My son and I had a great time meeting Ben today! It’s great that so many of the Steelers come to Northern VA for all the Black and Gold fans here.” — Kimberly Martino

“I was there and I saw you Ben sure wish I could of hugged you. attending the signing was an amazing day for me!” — Becky Christian, Lovettsville, VA

“You made my day amazing thank you so much!” — Emily Duncan, Martinsburg, WV