Scenes from a full day….well, maybe just a sneak peak!

Campers may have been exhausted after this year’s Two-A-Days camp experience (see bottom photo), but Camp parents and grandparents got their second wind this evening and shared some great photos and comments with us through email, Twitter and Facebook:

“Thank you! It was a great day. Long for a 10-year old (and a 43-yr old, lol) but he had an awesome time.” — Chris Bottisti

Joey @JFM_4
Great day working with Big Ben and co. in Pittsburgh. Long, long day but worth it. @_BigBen7 thanks for having us!

“Thanks Ben! My son had “the best day of his life!” We will definitely be back next year (all the way from Texas)!” — Ann Sivak Nogast

“Had a great time as well. My son said it was the best day ever!!!” — Beth Ann Witmer Kurtz

Rod Huber @hubienation
God bless @_BigBen7 great camp 500 kids!!

“Love Ben, thank u…. I took my Godson Jesse James Gudino this was his first camp & it was a great experience. Thanks for recognizing him & the gift for traveling from Los Angeles, CA out to here for the camp.” — Dulce Steelers

“Our grandson had an awesome first time and wants to attend next year. Very well planned! Thanks for giving your time to “play” with the kids!” — Sharon Nicholls

Rich Hoelke Jr ‏@HoelkeJr
@_BigBen7 2014 @ProCamps Ben Roethlisberger Camp! Year #3!

“Today’s camp was amazing!! Even though it was so hot all the kids did fantastic. My son has not stopped talking about the things he did and can’t wait to come back next year.” — Tricia Lindhurst Watson

Todd Pifer @tpifer
Champion of the Steeler division of big bens pro camp!! Thanks for the great time!! @_BigBen7 (photo above)

“It was a great camp! Thanks so much for taking the time to throw a pass to every kid. My son said it was the best day of his life!” — Joey Parks Mason

“Two of my grandsons attended again this year. They always have a good day. Thanks Ben!” — Barb Wright

Chad Washington @itsjusme
@_BigBen7 I’d say his first two-a-day session did him in lol (photo above)

“Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! Our son will never forget the experience!” — Karianne Waleski Suter

Kacey Raines ‏@Raines_Kacey
@_BigBen7 thanks for making a lasting impression. I can only imagine the dreams right now! (photo below)

“We wait a whole year anticipating another trip to Ben’s football camp and it’s come and gone again. But what a great day it was! Even though this time it had to be all done in one day, you would never know that was not the normal experience. ProCamps and Ben did a great job adjusting at the last minute to the schedule change due to the Steelers’ mandatory mini-camp. They made sure the campers enjoyed the total experience normally accomplished in two days!

“I just can’t say enough how impressed I was with this year’s camp! Ben was everywhere once again, running here and there trying to get in as much time with the campers that he could. The campers had a great time!

We are definitely looking forward to next year’s camp!” — Anita Doddroe

We have many more great photos and comments to add….stay tuned!

Thank you so much to all the parents & grandparents who have taken the time to share their photos & thoughts.