Athough he didn’t get back from San Diego until 5:30 AM this morning, Ben was on time and ready for his show at 11:00 AM this morning on 98.7 The Fan.

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101315On the wildcat formation in the final seconds –

“I thought it was a great call. Obviously we’re all excited because it worked, even if it doesn’t, you can’t blame anybody. You give the ball to your workhorse and let him go to town. He’s truly something special and he gets better and better every week. It’s hard to believe and imagine, but it’s true.”

More on the wildcat formation –

“It’s not going to be a staple of our offense but I think it’s a good mix-up. It’s a good change, I think it’s a change of pace, there’s some different options…I’m not exactly sure how many times we ran it yesterday, but obviously we ran it at a very key time in a key moment that we felt we had to have it.”

On Mike Vick’s 72-yard touchdown pass to Markus Wheaton, and Vick’s assertion that the play was drawn up by Ben on the sideline –

“I just knew that Mike really likes, in all our conversations, to get out of the pocket. And so that’s kind of what happened on that play to Markus. We go over and Coach Haley, myself, Randy, Landry, we start talking about what plays can we get him moving and get him out of the pocket and give him an opportunity to turn it if it’s not there and we came up with that play.”

On the 18-seconds missing off the clock –

“I found out later and I think the coaches did too because usually, something like that is caught on the sidelines, word spreads pretty quick and someone makes a statement about it or tries to get someones attention. To my knowledge, I don’t think anybody even knew at the time…I think it just kind of caught all of us by surprise after the game when we heard about it.”

On Steelers fans taking over Qualcomm Stadium last night –

“It was unbelievable. It’s crazy when the home team gets booed at their place because there’s so many Steelers fans, it’s just a great atmosphere.”

On his rehab –

“I think things are going well. I feel pretty comfortable going straight forward, but that’s obviously not the issue. The issue is protecting myself and moving laterally side-to-side…we’re making progress and we’ll keep pushing it and getting back as soon as I can.”

Ben also told Cook and Poni that he’ll try talking to Coach Tomlin into allowing him to participate in some 7-on-7 drills this week.

You can hear the show (in segments or the full show) right here.