“I’ve got to make sure he’s not out there now. He’s just enamored with all the kids and everything going on.” — Ben, on keeping an eye on his son at his ProCamps Ben Roethlisberger Football Camp.

And it looks like Ben had good reason:


Daddy! Wait for me! I want to go out on the field and play football too!


Now maybe if I just stay behind him, he won’t even notice I’m out here!


Hey, wait a sec! What’s this cool thing that was stuck in the ground?


But Grandma, I only took it out of the ground to put my football in it!


Okay Pops, but if I could just play a little football with the other kids it would keep me out of trouble out here…just sayin’.


Hey wait! I think they’re calling me to come out there! Where’s my jersey?


Grandma, I’ll talk to you later! I gotta get my jersey on!! Daddy’s callin’ me out there, he needs me!!


Seriously? My brother actually thinks Grandma’s gonna buy that story! Boys!!!

*Thank you to Fred Vero, from Fred Vero Photography for these wonderful photos! Parents & grandparents, you can look for (and purchase) photos of your campers in his proof gallery.

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