Just two weeks ago, we shared the story of Linda Harper in a “Shout Out” at the end of the April Fan Photos post.

LindaLinda is fighting breast cancer and informed us that she would wear the jerseys of her three favorite Steelers players during her chemo treatments, because she was sure that this particular trio would help her kick cancer’s butt:

“Big Ben has overcome so many obstacles in his personal and professional life…what an inspiration”, she said in her email. “I will take my next round in my Brett Keisel #99 jersey…big dude…will help me kick cancer’s a**…and the third treatment will be in my Troy #43 jersey…we all need someone to pray for us and I know if he knew me he would say a prayer for me….then I will start the rounds all over again with Big Ben #7!”

Now that’s not the end of this particular “Shout Out”!

Fellow Steelers fan and long-time follower to the website, Steve Bishop, read her story and asked for a favor – an address where he could send something to Linda, something that was very special to him that he hoped might put a smile on her face.

Linda’s husband Lane was happy to oblige Steve with an address, and just this week we received an email from him about that gift:

Linda_SteveBishop“I wanted to share with you what one of Ben’s fans from Bridgeport, NY sent to Linda after reading her story on his website.

The power of Steeler Nation is awesome.

She had her second treatment today and we are happy to report that her tumor has shrunk by twenty percent since the first treatment two weeks ago.”

Lane Harper snapped a photo of Linda’s new prized possession – an autographed Jack Lambert photo in a frame with a letter she will always keep:

“I read your post on Ben’s site. And I thought what tougher Steeler has there been than Jack Lambert? So I thought how great would it be to have this autographed picture of the toughest S.O.B. Steeler Nation has ever seen to help kick cancer’s a**! I hope in some small way that this, along with the prayers of my family, will somehow make just one minute of of one day brighter. You have the fighting spirit and have all the confidence in the world to win the battle. …if there’s anything we can do, please don’t hesitate to ask.” — Sincerely, Steve Bishop

Lane also sent a photo of his wife wearing her #99 jersey with her new Lambert photo by her side as she started her second round of chemo! We passed that along to Mr. Keisel and you can see it on his website here.

To Linda & Lane, stay strong! Many thoughts and prayers continue to come your way!

To Steve Bishop, you are what Steeler Nation is all about! Thank you so much!!