It was busy, busy, busy in Latrobe the first weekend of Steelers training camp and the last weekend of July, 2018!

Daddy, are we there yet? Daddy?

Jonathan Evanchick @JEvanchick
This little girl is excited to come to camp today @steelers @_BigBen7

“My son was ecstatic that he got a high five from Ben at camp today!” — Gail Derrer Haydt.

“Could not have been nicer at training camp on Saturday….autographed everyone’s hat and my husband’s shirt.” — Marie Marino.

Photo: Steelers

Scott not only posed for a photo with Ben this weekend, but sent us some great action photos of #7 hard at work!

“People can debate who the best QB in the NFL is all they want. For me, the only QB I want leading my team is Big Ben. It was great seeing him today! Both in his tireless dedication to his craft and in the generous way he treats the team’s supporters, Ben sets an example befitting of his leadership role on the team. It is always a pleasure for us to see Ben and interact with him in person. My family and I are proud that he is the QB of the team we love!” — Scott Juba.

Dina was just a little excited to meet Ben yesterday! Lol!

“OMG!!! Best day fricken ever!! It was just awesome, he looks great, ready to play. I confess I’m still wearing the shirt he signed.” — Dina Torek.

Kristie Beck @KristieLWolfe
BestDayEver. Today, two of my pups (the aviator and the little brother) had the best black-and-gold-day ever. Chatted with @_BigBen7…and met @AB84 on the field. Thanks to these two greats for being gracious & kind. Here we go, @steelers, here we go! 🖤💛

Worth the wait!

“I have been a fan since he was drafted in 2004, but I’ve come to respect him more for his faith in Christ than in his work on the football field in the last two years. Last year before the season began, I heard a talk that was posted on his Facebook page that Ben gave at the Ignite Men’s Impact Weekend about his faith. I knew Ben was a Christian as am I, but to hear his testimony and how he has truly learned to rely on Christ and how he was willing to share his struggles and weaknesses changed my view of him completely. I decided that day that I would come to training camp in Latrobe (which I only live about 20 minutes from) as much as I could to try to get Ben’s autograph not because of any other reason but because I deeply respected him for choosing to share his faith the way he had. I began posting my goal on Facebook with my friends and called it #Benwatch2017!

I came to training camp with family, with friends and on my own after work a total of eight times and never got it! I would either get on the wrong side of where he was signing or he wouldn’t sign on those days. I knew I would be back in 2018! My luck finally changed and Ben came over and signed near where I was! I got in the line and honestly I would have been happy with the autograph I had sought out, but as Ben was signing my terrible towel I said thank you and that I had tried eight times last year to get his autograph but it never worked out. Ben looked at me, smiled and said, ‘Well good for you!!’. I know it was a hot day with a lot of crazy things happening as he was signing, people yelling, pictures being taken, and people crowded around him but he was so kind and sincerely answered me with a smile. That reaction despite what was going on was the reason I have come to to respect him more than his playing! When I saw the Facebook post this past week about sending pictures and stories about Ben from camp I honestly didn’t think I would have anything to send but here I am with a wonderful story! Thank you for letting us share our stories about the fun that happens at Training Camp! Go Steelers!” — Christa Mortimer.

And one more…

Peter Diana @peterdianapghpg
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger poses for a family portrait taken by his wife Ashley. #BigBen #SteelersCamp

Heading to training camp this summer? Want to share your photos and stories with us? Just email us at & we’ll post them right here. Have a great weekend Steeler Nation!