If you missed Ben’s weekly radio appearance during the Vinnie & Cook Show this morning on Sportsradio 93.7 The Fan….

Even though the Steelers are 0-3 and he took a “beating” on Sunday evening he told Vinnie & Cook, “I’m still alive and the sun came up today,” Roethlisberger said. “We’ve lost our first three games. There’s still 13 games left. If you’re gonna lose three games, you’d better lose them early. There is no panic. We just keep moving on.”

Ben reveals the message he sent to his young offensive line as they try to improve.

“I need them to have a confidence and a cockiness about themselves,” he said. “Everyone is talking bad about them, but you know what? They’re here for a reason. They were the best ones on their college teams, they got drafted high. They need to go out there and play with a confidence and an attitude that (says), ‘You know what? I’m the baddest guy out here.”

Ben was also asked about the Steelers trip to London this weekend to play the Vikings at Wembley Stadium; those fumbles and how he holds the ball; Antonio Brown’s great game; why the veterans changed the rules of the locker room; and he explains why having an NFL franchise in London may not be a good idea, although he says the team is looking forward to the opportunity to play there.

You can listen to the podcast here (bottom of the page)!